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The Emergence of Teleworking; an online debate 

28th September 2020

The Malta Chamber is teaming up with Ing. Abigail Cutajar, Mr. Konrad Pule and MEP Miriam Dalli to hold a webinar on teleworking 

With the rise of Covid-19, the need for the general public to distance themselves became the new norm. This led to numerous attempts at thinking outside the box with regards to several activities, but, in particular, those related to work and employment. As teleworking took over most businesses, many realised that employees can still be efficient and productive when working from the comfort of their own home.

With this being said, problems arose in several organisations as it is not easy to adapt to such changes. Although shifting efforts towards online channels seemed the logical step to take, this required time, effort, and financial resources.

Hence, The Malta Chamber President Perit David Xuereb, together with MEP Miriam Dalli, Ing. Abigail Cutajar, and Mr. Konrad Pule will be organising the first live public webinar; The Digital Future: Teleworking and Online Services.

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The webinar will take place on the 2nd of October at 11:00am. During the online event, the lifestyle changes a COVID-19 partial lockdown has unilaterally imposed on individuals will be discussed along with new measures where employees had the possibility to telework from home instead of commuting to the traditional office.

The aim is to delve deep into further policies that can be introduced to aid the advancement of businesses and to support the long-term benefits that such a change could bring in businesses, wellbeing and mentality.

Hon. Carmelo Abela will be participating together with accompanying speakers coming from the services and industry sectors. The focus will be on tangible game-changers for an effective transmission towards remote working and online services. Emphasis will be placed on what has been already applied in businesses which have shown robust improvements as well as any effects on the human's wellbeing and mental health. Attendees will also have the opportunity to voice their opinions during breakout rooms to further discuss and ultimately present the results.

This webinar is one of a series of initiatives being organised by influential stakeholders in the industry, MEP Miriam Dalli, Perit David Xuereb, Chamber of Commerce, Ing. Abigail Cutajar, LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction, and Mr. Konrad Pule', Chairing Mobility Committee, Chamber of Commerce.

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The Emergence of Teleworking; an online debate