‘The Future of Europe: The Challenges Ahead’

6th December 2019

'The future of Europe is our future, as entrepreneurs and European citizens who believe that Europe can still be a global economic and political leader.'

“Discussing the Future of Europe is vital for the Chamber because it debates areas of employment, the economy, security, migration and climate change” said Chamber President Perit David Xuereb, upon welcoming attendees to ‘The Future of Europe: The Challenges Ahead’. Throughout the event, issues such as Brexit, the European Single Market, trade, social justice and the new European Commission were discussed.

Referring to the Brexit situation, the Chamber President appealed that “This is a time for civil society to work together and spread hard facts about the benefits of the EU.” He noted that this community was a result of the cooperation between states following the worst conflict in human history, a project which should remain well alive and encouraged.

Perit Xuereb described the single market as “the biggest asset of the EU”. He stated that the Chamber has always believed that “less fragmentation, more technical harmonisation, and the removal of barriers are key for the proper functioning of the Single Market.”

While Perit Xuereb stressed the importance of EU trade agreements and competition policies from a Maltese perspective, since “EU trade agreements extend market access internationally to places where otherwise it would be very difficult to benefit from similar conditions”. He added that, “The Malta Chamber agrees that in trade policy the European Commission should be extended full powers to take more initiative, act and deliver.”

Perit Xuereb noted the Chamber’s support to the Commission’s last mandate, which focused primarily on social justice, as well as the rights of workers, health and safety and good working conditions and working environment. However, he also stated that “the Malta Chamber believes that wealth distribution can only be the result of wealth creation, and thus social initiatives need to be also driven by economic competitiveness.”

On behalf of the Malta Chamber, Perit Xuereb congratulated and expressed the Chamber’s support towards the new European Commission team approved recently, adding that “the Malta Chamber was and remains a staunch supporter of the European project.”

“The future of Europe is our future, as entrepreneurs and European citizens who believe that Europe can still be a global economic and political leader”, Perit Xuereb concluded. Perit David Xuereb also participated in the panel discussion pictured above.

Jacek Krawczyk, President of the Employers' Group said that in the current complicated global situation, the EU must have the internal strength to turn the new European Commission's plans into reality. In his view, business must ensure that its voice is heard and that policy makers provide employers with the conditions they need to bring about major changes relating to sustainability, digitalisation and other major trends.

The event was followed by two panels on harnessing globalisation and the effects of new technologies and new working methods. A number of CEOs, professors, representatives and presidents of various associations participated during these panels. Mr Jacob Appel, Director of Bolt Malta, gave a presentation relating to the extent of the EU as having a business-friendly environment.

Member of the European Parliament and Vice President of S&D, Ms. Miriam Dalli, as well as Vice-President of the EESC Employers Group, Mr Stefano Mallia, also addressed the event.

The event was organised and held by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in collaboration with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Employers’ Group.

6th December 2019

The session also covered discussions on particular customs procedures and chartering of yachts.

6th December 2019

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry hosted a delegation from Belarus to explore business opportunities with Malta and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to promote trade and investment between both countries.

4th December 2019

"The Prime Minister can bring an end to this stalemate the country has crashed into. Within the context of current confusion and instability, history will remember him for it"

29th November 2019

This event was organised to provide businesses with information about the fiscal incentives introduced by the government in recent years, the Pension Framework and financial education for employees.