The launch of INVEST – Financial and Forecasting Models for Entrepreneurs

The Malta Business Bureau, together with the Mediterranean Bank Network (Malta), Association EFFEBI (Italy), Eurocrea Merchant (Italy), IDEC (Greece), Bridging to the Future (United Kingdom) and Stichting Incubator (The Netherlands), have just launched an Erasmus+ project, entitled ‘INVEST – Financial and Forecasting Models for Entrepreneurs’.

This project has been inspired by the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in their attempt to access finance. Such difficulties mainly arise from the entrepreneurs’ lack of confidence and lack of financial literacy, which may go on to hinder their capability to make investments and manage their financial assets. Consequently, entrepreneurs need to better understand their financing needs and options, and to be aware of the financial support and products available to their business.

To this end, the INVEST project aims to develop a training model and other related tools to support micro-entrepreneurs, aged 18-34 (also known as Generation Y). This will enable them to make responsible economic, financial and investment choices, in function of their business growth plans and development perspectives.

The ultimate goal is to improve financial literacy, thus helping micro-enterprises stay stable on the market, foster local economies and support further employability.

One can read more about this project by viewing the MBB website:

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The launch of INVEST – Financial and Forecasting Models for Entrepreneurs