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“The lives of so many people, now and in the future, depend on how well we perform as a country on this.” Marisa Xuereb

1st September 2020

The Malta Chamber Deputy President weighs in on the need for schools to reopen and welcome students this coming scholastic year

Marisa Xuereb said that “Although the Covid19 pandemic is still present and it will not leave in a month or two, we still need to manage it as wisely as possible.” Hence, protocols with regards to the measures that need to be taken when schools open at the end of September need to be published immediately.

The Deputy President noted how, although online teaching can be helpful in certain times and as a backup in drastic situations, they are not enough to provide a complete education for a whole scholastic year.

Ms. Xuereb noted how it is not only the schools that need to be prepared but also students, teachers, parents, and their employers. “Protocols are the responsibility of public health and we have full confidence in Professor Charmaine Gauci and her team.” Emphasis was put on the urgency of the publication of such measures as every school and classrooms will face challenges when trying to implement these protocols.

“At this point we need a commitment to honour our obligation towards the current generation of students. We do not want Covid19 to have permanent deficits in this generation.” added the Deputy President. Moreover, she said “Our resilience as a country needs to be proven when we are handling the pandemic and the number of active cases.”

She noted that it is imperative that we are prepared to deal with new cases when schools are reopened. However, this should not alarm us as the issue lies with how well we can tackle these issues so as not to have a major outbreak if and when a new case is discovered.

Marisa Xuereb said “The next step will be the detailed implementation on a case by case basis on every school in a sensible manner. Students can only safely return to schools with the cooperation of every stakeholder.”

In her vlog, Ms. Xuereb added that it is vital to think of the parents who must stay home with their children when they are not at school. Although a lot of parents have the luxury of working from home, others do not. It is therefore utterly important to support each parent.

The Deputy President concluded by saying “We need to do all we can so that this generation can return to school, so that their parents can retain their employment while the country can continue to function as close as possible to normality.”

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“The lives of so many people, now and in the future, depend on how well we perform as a country on this.” Marisa Xuereb