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22nd January 2021

“Moral, Professional, Fair and Efficient Public procurement will be a pillar of good governance”

“Public procurement concerns and affects us all regardless of who we are, where we live, and what we do,” said Liz Barabaro Sant, The Malta Chamber Vice President, as she addressed attendees during the official launch of The Public Procurement Reform 2021 Report this week.

The Vice President explained that “Economic, social and environmental benefits of public programmes and projects to a country and its citizens, depend very much on how public procurement is managed, conducted and controlled. Furthermore, public procurement is critical for the accountability of public expenditure, it supports good governance, while assisting with economic and social development and public trust in government.”

Barbaro Sant emphasised the importance that the real business leaders of Malta should act in the most ethical ways possible. “As Malta’s foremost business representative body, we are very vocal about integrity and transparency. In the coming months, we will continue to fiercely advocate for the implementation of reforms to ensure this pillar of corporate governance functions with integrity. We shall continue to advocate suitable controls supporting the system, and that appropriate anti-corruption measures are in place to avoid any improprieties in public procurement,” she said.

The Vice President noted that the business community must be supported by a Government that truly respects such values of good governance.

“We need to allow a level playing field for suppliers and contractors alike without stifling the growth of newcomers or eliminate track records to favour contractors” concluded Liz Barbaro Sant.

22nd January 2021

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The Malta Chamber; an advocate of transparency and ethical standards