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The Malta Chamber cautiously welcomes Government’s Tourism strategy

7th December 2021

It is vital for this strategy and its recommendations to turn into tangible actions

“The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry’s Tourism Operators Business Section is pleased to note that the Government’s strategy launched last Thursday is very strongly aligned to The Chamber’s tourism vision which was also launched three weeks ago and captures very broadly the challenges and opportunities facing the local tourism industry today,” said Mr Alan Arrigo, Chairperson of the Tourism Operators Business Section.

The Malta Chamber’s document titled “Rediscover – A New Vision For The Tourism Industry In Malta ”, compiled in collaboration with Seed, insists on a quality-based approach and calls for focus on eight (8) key themes:

1. Branding & Marketing
2. Digital & Innovation
3. Accommodation
4. Sectoral Infrastructure
5. Culture & Identity
6. Governance & Institutions
7. Human Capital
8. Connectivity


Certain recommendations proposed in the Government’s strategy document are in line with The Malta Chamber’s vision. These positive recommendations include:

• the point that The Malta Chamber has made repeatedly on the basis that the current supply of bed stock, both operational and in the pipeline, is outstripping the number of tourists that can be expected during the nine years of this Strategy,

• noting The Malta Chamber’s point on the importance of digitalisation as one of the prime drivers in tourism which is partially reflected in Government’s strategy document on promoting the use of data and market intelligence as critical tools to rethink the tourist value chain, and

• acknowledging The Malta Chamber’s preposition on focusing on the importance of the island’s niche markets and how these can be used to access the full potential of what the market has to offer.

The Malta Chamber lists several concrete action points aimed at supporting established and new segments - MICE, sports, medical, arts and gastronomy niches to name a few. However, while the Government’s strategy document takes note of their importance, it falls short of proposing concrete actions.

On the other hand, The Malta Chamber insists that the MTA should reposition itself as an industry enabler and as a regulator which enforces licensing standards and promotes best practices, as opposed to its current status as a competitor with the private sector.

CEO of The Malta Chamber, Dr Marthese Portelli stated, “Whilst acknowledging that overall, the strategy is a positive one, The Malta Chamber reminds Government that the devil is in the detail and it ultimately all depends on the implementation. The Malta Chamber remains committed in its pursuit to help the relevant authorities to see this vision moving from words into tangible actions.”

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The Malta Chamber cautiously welcomes Government’s Tourism strategy