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The Malta Chamber presents 2023 pre-budget recommendations to Prime Minister

11th October 2022

The forward-looking proposals aim at supporting businesses by reinforcing the private sector.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry met with Prime Minister Robert Abela to present the 2023 pre-budget recommendations which focus on proposals that aim at supporting businesses by reinforcing the private sector.

While presenting the proposals, President of The Malta Chamber, Marisa Xuereb emphasised how this document is forward-looking and was compiled after numerous consultation sessions with economic groups and business sections within The Malta Chamber.

President Xuereb noted how such meetings are “vital as they provide an opportunity to discuss current challenges while proposing concrete ways on how these can be surpassed.” She continued by saying that “such challenges can only be mitigated through policy that encourages smart investment in various areas such as innovation, infrastructure, good governance and energy and environmental sustainability.”


During the meeting, Prime Minister Robert Abela stressed the importance of facilitating local business and that government should be proactive in taking decisions that lead towards economic growth with new priorities, such as digitalisation and sustainability.

Abela also highlighted the need for a centralised data system which in turn aids in reducing bureaucracy as much as possible. Mentioning that Malta has just gone through the process of MoneyVal and FATF successfully, the Prime Minister emphasised the importance of having an environment which stimulates business investment and growth.

Accompanying President Xuereb were The Malta Chamber BOM; Deputy President Chris Vassallo Cesareo, Vice Presidents Liz Barbaro Sant and Nick Xuereb, Mark Bajada, Ian Casolani and Norman Aquilina together with The Malta Chamber CEO Dr Marthese Portelli and Head of Policy, Kevin Mizzi.

Ministers Clyde Caruana, Ian Borg, Silvio Schembri and Miriam Dalli, Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul, Government Deputy Omar Farrugia and the Head of the Secretariat at the Office of the Prime Minister Glenn Micallef, were all present during the meeting.

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The Malta Chamber presents 2023 pre-budget recommendations to Prime Minister