The Malta Chamber stands with the Chamber of Engineers on the Engineering Profession Act

22nd November 2019

'The Engineering Profession Act needs to be updated to address the challenges within the local and international market'.

In a press release issued this morning, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry stated that it “fully supports the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) recent position on the proposed amendments to the Engineering Profession Act.”

The Malta Chamber highlighted the importance of the act retaining the definition of ‘Engineer’, and all that it entails, instead of substituting it with the term ‘Engineering services’. “Replacing the “Engineer” with “Engineering services” is like replacing the definition of a lawyer with ‘legal services’ or the definition of a doctor with ‘medical services’”, it said. This was discussed during a focus group made up of engineer members of the Malta Chamber.

The Malta Chamber stated that “The proposed legislation enables the participation of non-qualified persons, who do not necessarily hold a warrant or the necessary training to take the responsibilities associated with a professional service.” This could result in detrimental effects to the quality of service provided to the local industry and the general public, apart from other health and safety related risks.

“The new legislation practically removes engineering from the list of professions that are so important and necessary for the benefit of the Country”, it continued.

The Malta Chamber expressed that it stands in agreement with the Chamber of Engineers in that “the Engineering Profession Act needs to be updated to address the challenges within the local and international market”. This would, in turn, “make the profession more relevant to today’s needs of the country.”

In addition, the Malta Chamber said that the act should also aim towards making it compulsory for engineers “to keep abreast of the technological developments to be able to give the Country and its industry the best service.”

“The Chamber looks forward to continue collaborating with the CoE to reach a better understanding with government.”

15th November 2019

The Chamber is well in the advanced stages of designing a new Economic Vision for Malta for the years 2020-2025.

13th November 2019

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12th November 2019

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8th November 2019

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