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The Malta Chamber teams up with PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd.

26th August 2020

PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. Shall support a new committee established at The Malta Chamber on the subject of the Circular Economy through a Bronze Collaboration Agreement

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has signed a Bronze Collaboration Agreement with PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. The agreement supports the establishment of a new horizontal thematic committee within the structure of The Malta Chamber on the subject of the Circular Economy, which will provide leadership for businesses in areas relevant to the Resource Management, and Sustainability.

Ahead of the signing, President Perit David Xuereb said that as a result of this partnership, The Malta Chamber would be further promoting Sustainable Development Goals through the Circular Economy committee as a priority on the national agenda.

“The subject of the respect for the environment and its resources leads to serious consideration of the circular economy as a serious opportunity for honest, ethical and robust economic development, even more so after having recognised the important lessons learnt from the pandemic we are currently experiencing . The Malta Chamber is adamant to team up with leaders in a number of fields to strengthen its policy power in order to influence the quality of national decisions taken, in favour of a competitive and sustainable national economy, a resilient Maltese community and improved quality of life for our people”.

Ing. Oliver Fenech from PT Matic said “We are proud to be supporting The Malta Chamber at this time and pleased that we found synergy in our commitment of pushing to put our environment on the forefront of decision making, for a cleaner and greener Malta”.

PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. will support the Malta Chamber’s Circular Economy Committee. This new horizontal policy committee aims at implementing a leadership strategy with an emphasis on issues of environmental sustainability with the aim to help businesses reach their ambitions and objectives in this very important emerging economic driver.

PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. is a leading provider of environmental and waste handling services. From emergency spills and asbestos or lead removal, to the decontamination or demolition of process facilities, PT Matic has the experience, resources, and equipment for an immediate response to any environmental challenge. PTM occupies a leadership position in environmental consulting and engineering.

The Bronze Collaboration Alliance Agreement was signed by Perit David Xuereb and Ms Marisa Xuereb as President and Deputy President of The Malta Chamber, respectively, and Ing. Oliver Fenech as General Manager of PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd.

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The Malta Chamber teams up with PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd.