The Malta Taxi Charity Ride brings a fun-packed day to vulnerable children

27th December 2019 

The event has been taking place for a staggering 36 years.

The annual Malta Taxi Charity Ride is underway, bringing joy and cheer to children who find themselves in a vulnerable situation and may need extra support during this time of year.

The charity ride has been running for an impressive 36 years, with event organisers writing that the children look forward to this appointment from one Christmas to another.

This year around 65 taxis joined forces to take out children going through a difficult time, children with social problems, living in care and children in similar situation.

Drivers spend the day driving around the children, together with their carers, for a range of fun activities. On Friday morning they were treated to breakfast at Pembroke Park & Ride.

Organisers wrote that adults who took part in the charity event as kids still speak about how much the positive impact it left on them. The organisers also added that even the drivers finish the day with a smile on their face.

On the event page, it explains that for the day to be possible, drivers seek sponsors themselves, and they also collect money between themselves in order to cover the considerable expenses.

On the occasion that enough funds are collected, drivers ask about any other home needs the children may have, such as the purchase of new appliances or books.

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The Malta Taxi Charity Ride brings a fun-packed day to vulnerable children