“The President’s role ought to be reformed to be allocated more executive powers, through a Constitutional reform”

6th February 2020

Malta Chamber presents good governance document to President

“In the office of the President of the Republic, the Malta Chamber sees an opportunity that could be instrumental in bringing about the needed equilibrium for the country. For this reason, in our document ‘Ethical Business calls for Change – A Manifesto for Good Governance’, we argue that the President’s role ought to be reformed to be allocated more executive powers, through a Constitutional reform” said Perit David Xuereb, President of the Malta Chamber, during a meeting with the President His Excellency Dr George W. Vella, today.

Perit Xuereb was leading a delegation from the Malta Chamber to meet with the President of Malta, to present him with the document which contains more than 60 concrete recommendations aimed at cleaning Malta’s reputation.

The same document also argues in favour of starting a proper discussion at the national level, with the contribution of stakeholders from all sections of Maltese Society on the values that make us Maltese – this initiative needs to form part of the constitutional reform and should be spearheaded by the President of the Republic.

H.E. President George Vella welcomed the Chamber's proactive approach and invited the Chamber to submit the document to the constitution reform website.

‘Ethical Business Calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance’ is the result of a decision taken by the Chamber’s Council in December 2019, in response to legitimate concerns raised on the state of good governance in Malta.

It is the work of a multidisciplinary working group made up of a number of expert contributors, tasked with researching and formulating a policy document on Good Governance and Best Ethical Standards and Practices for the country.

The document means to serve as valuable guidance for Government, in its efforts to tackle, at the earliest, the necessary reforms.

25th February 2020

The Malta Chamber insists with Health Authorities to mobilise the necessary number of doctors and medics at the ports to screen crew members before discharge of cargo.

6th February 2020

Louis A. Farrugia presents biography to Chamber President

28th January 2020

Ethical businesses and the Maltese public require a clear clarification on this matter to pursue on the expected inspiration and hope to a determinate way forward towards the common good.

29th January 2020

“The responsibility for good governance is a shared responsibility, which needs to be carried by all”