The Shoreline launches another two residential blocks at Ricasoli in Kalkara

24th June 2019

The units are expected to be finished and handed over to clients by Q3/2022.

The Shoreline Residence Ltd announced the launch of another two high-end residential blocks as part of their extensive project at Ricasoli in Kalkara, named Block A and Block H.

Block A, a corner block, includes 18 two- and three-bedroom units with sea views, while Block H will be comprised of a foreshore row of terraced units on three levels serviced with a private lift.

This next phase was announced by Sales and Marketing Manager at The Shoreline Residence Ltd, Andrew Gatt, at an event attended by local estate agencies and consultants.  

“The entire project is to be built all at once,” he said. “The shopping mall is set to open to the public in Q1/2022, handover of the first finished units to clients is scheduled for Q3/2022. Meanwhile, The Shoreline is currently evaluating the construction tender as construction works are planned to start by the end of this year.”

The Shoreline will be home to approximately 370 luxury apartments, a two-storey shopping mall over 25,500 square meters, as well as underground parking, all overlooking the Smart City Laguna, recreation areas and other amenities.

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