The Start-Up That's Revolutionising Clubbing In Malta

26th July 2017

Edward Tortell, one of the founders of MVP Malta, tells MaltaChamber about the clubbing and entertainment start-up that’s shaking up Malta’s party scene.

What's MVP all about?

Malta MVP started as a simple dream between a group of friends – one which entailed the revolution of nightlife in Malta through discounts, special offers, and an overall better experience while clubbing.  In the beginning, it seemed to be completely out of reach, but after months of hard work, we can finally say that we have accomplished our primary goals, now having top Maltese establishments included in our 'MVP 17' discount band. At the end of the day, we're just a group of four young guys striving to make the most out of our nights out!

What are the benefits of holding an MVP wristband?

Here at Malta MVP, our main goal is to make sure that tourists and locals alike can enjoy their nights out without spending extortionate amounts of money, as the general public who go clubbing are usually students on a limited budget. We remember how that used to feel – going out to the clubs with your friends and waking up the next morning barely finding two coins to rub together! We wanted to change that.  After dozens of meetings with different establishments, we are proud to say that the Malta MVP band provides discounts and special, unique rates to our clients at nearly all clubs and bars in Paceville simply by presenting their MVP band!

What companies have you partnered with to offer benefits to your clients?

We have a range of different kinds of establishments on the band, in order to give our clients the best deals through variety.  There are locations which are known as 'pre-drinking' bars and lounges such as Beggars Inn, Bellini, Hot Ice, Mom & Pop and Peppermint Park, where unique MVP deals can be found, saving one a lot of money before even hitting the big clubs!  We also pride ourselves in having connections with the largest clubs in Paceville, such as Havana Club, Footloose, Soho Lounge, Shadow Club, Hugo's Pub, Havana 808, Hugo's Passion and Fuego! And although we started with the aim to be based on nightlife, the idea simply grew on its own, and prominent brands such as New York Best and The Italian Job are now also part of the Malta MVP family. 

MVP seems to be focusing a lot on summer events – do you have plans to continue even throughout the rest of the year?

Definitely. We have massive ideas for growth during the winter months which could definitely take Malta MVP to the next level in the entertainment industry.  These things however take time and we would not like to rush into anything without being certain of the quality of the product we are offering, so stay tuned for any updates! However, we are already planning themed parties exclusively for MVP members throughout the rest of the year!

Have you found a lot of support from different entities when it comes to starting a company?

Everyone in the entertainment industry has been extremely supportive of our brand, and would like to see the idea continue growing, as it is a unique concept yet to hit Malta.  Because of this we have very good relationships with everyone we are working with as we all strive towards the same goal - to continue putting Malta on the map as a prime touristic location!

What's the biggest challenge you've encountered so far?

What one needs to take under consideration is that this has been a massive learning curve for us.  The idea spiraled upwards very quickly and I think the biggest challenge was keeping controlled and focused under all the stress and exposure which all came about very suddenly.  We have now grown as a brand and also as individuals so we know more of what to expect, but for everyone going through a start-up – keep in mind that mistakes will be made, just make sure they are used as a lesson!

What's the best part of being your own boss?

Although there are definitely many benefits to this - waking up at no particular time, enjoying your free time without worrying about getting in trouble and making connections left, right and centre, it is a 24/7 job position with no particular working hours. I've had days where i would barely have time for a breather with all the work that would have to get done, obviously as it is in your own interest to get it done, as without it, your brand loses credibility! I see this as a benefit though – if you're working towards a goal which grants you direct, personal gain, why shouldn't you do your utmost to achieve it?

Where would you like to see the company in the future?

My goal is for this company to be seen as a direct benefit of visiting Malta. I would like to know that my brand is encouraging people to visit our beautiful little gem in the Mediterranean. I strongly believe that if we continue our hard work, Malta MVP will be here for a long time, granting tourists and Maltese alike a better experience on the island!

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