‘Tis the season to savour the finer things in life with this season’s food trends

Rebecca Anastasi - 15th December 2019 

A low-down on the best bites and beverages to relish as the colder weather settles in.

01. Za’atar spice

From roasted cauliflower to baked chicken, this Middle Eastern spice blend will add verve to your home cooking. Consisting of oregano, thyme, sumac, ground sesame seeds and salt, za’atar is making its way into kitchen pantries around the globe. Sprinkle some on your soups too for an exotic twist.


02. Meat-free celebrations

With concern increasing on the way humanity’s ways are having a dire impact on the environment, you’ll find many family and friends who have opted to go down the vegan route – or you may have done so yourself. Satisfy those hunger pangs and celebrate the festivities with recipes such as a green bean casserole, garlic miso button mushrooms and vegan mince pies.

vegan roast

Vegan Club Recipe Book / Facebook 

03. A taste of the Afro-Caribbean

The African diaspora in the Caribbean brought their own flavours to bear on the sunny dishes of this region in the Americas. Using plantain, lentil, fish and yams, Afro-Caribbean food melds cultures and histories in re-imaginings of popular dishes: goat curry with rice and peas, and jerk-spiced fried fish are two of the most popular. Our tummies are rumbling already!

afro carribbean

04. Seacuterie

The next few weeks will be a flurry of entertaining, lunches and fun-filled dinners. And, while the charcuterie board always seems to make an appearance – usually as a starter set – this season, seafood will guest star. Octopus salami, shellfish sausages or swordfish ham may sound experimental, but it’s only a matter of time before they are common fixtures on our tables.


USA Today Eats / Facebook 

05. Healthy kids’ menus

Those who have little ones know how difficult it is to keep them satisfied and happy, while also eschewing trashy foods. And, while parents have been continuously striving to find nutritious, fun alternatives, restaurants and food brands are only now offering delicious, healthy food for kids, such as organic chicken nuggets, salmon fish fingers and baked sweet potato wedges.

kids food

06. Makgeolli

This Korean milky, yeast-fermented rice wine – considered to be the country’s oldest alcoholic drink, dating back to some 2,000 years ago – has been rising in popularity these last few years, and its ascendance is set to continue. Its light effervescence and weak strength, at 6-7 per cent alcohol, makes it the perfect drink to imbibe night after night with family over the festivities.


Hansik The taste of Korea / Facebook

This article initially appeared in the December edition of the Commercial Courier.

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‘Tis the season to savour the finer things in life with this season’s food trends