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Tourism Post-Pandemic: What is the way forward?

30th June 2022

Success in tourism is measured by the tourists’ spending power net the country’s expense in upkeeping the same.

CEO Dr Marthese Portelli represented The Malta Chamber at the Times of Malta Business Breakfast on the panel discussing 'Post-Pandemic: What is the way forward?'

Dr Portelli emphasised the importance of offering travellers a quality journey by focusing on offering authentic and unique experiences. She emphasised that while its important to factor how we are marketing our product, we must also keep investing in building our capabilities. This does not just mean in upskilling and reskilling workers within the hospitality sector but also in investing in a greener Malta and upping the countries' digital transformation efforts to increase efficiency.

She also remarked that a tourist's experience is not only limited to the hotel they are staying in but is also made up of the infrastructure surrounding it and these must be kept to high standards if we intend to keep competing with other jurisdictions. She added that cleanliness is an important element. and emphasised on the importance of enforcement. Furthermore, Dr Portelli remarked that selling bed nights are not enough in isolation and that these need to be netted off by spending power.

During her closing remarks, Dr Portelli stressed upon the fact that upgrading quality will eventually lead to an increase in visitors.

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The event was organised as part of the EU TransFormWork Project

Tourism Post-Pandemic: What is the way forward?