Uber safety report reveals close to 6,000 incidents of sexual assault in 2017, 2018

6th December 2019 

The popular ride-hailing company has been accused of attempting to relativize the number of sexual assault reports as a percentage of total rides.

Uber has released its highly-talked anticipated safety report on Thursday, revealing a staggering 5,981 reports received of sexual assault in 2017 and 2018.

Of the almost-6,000 reports of sexual assault, some 464 were reports of rape. In addition, the safety report also noted 19 deaths caused by physical assault during 2017 and 2018.

The company has been criticised for relativizing the instance of sexual assault reports as a percentage of total rides, stating from the outset that 99.9 per cent of rides occur without incidents taking place. It also contextualised the incidents of sexual assault by citing national figures.

In the report, information was provided by the reporting party and the accused party. The report showed that riders account for 45 per cent of the accused parties of sexual assault incidents and stated that “drivers have a right to have their experiences told, and we have a responsibility to stand with them”.

The report also showed that around 92 per cent of the victims of rape were riders, and about seven per cent were drivers. Women and female-identifying individuals were showed to make up 89 per cent of the victims and men together with male-identifying individuals make up around 8 per cent of victims. Less than one per cent of victims identified as gender minorities.

Uber had pledged to release the report almost a year ago in response to a CNN investigation reported that at least 103 Uber drivers in the USA had been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing passengers over the previous four years.

Uber announced increased safety measures in 2018, including partnering up with RapidSOS, a company that sends a rider’s location and relevant information to a local police agency when the rider uses the emergency button within the Uber app.

Weeks ago, Transport for London revoked Uber's license over a number of shortcomings, with the company expected to appeal within the 21 day window.  

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Uber safety report reveals close to 6,000 incidents of sexual assault in 2017, 2018