UK Gambling machines fitted with AI ‘cool off’ system

21st November 2019 

The aim is to lock gamblers out of machines for 30 seconds if erratic or excessive play is detected.

Gambling machines inside UK betting shops are being updated with software intended to detect and prevent destructive behaviour in players.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Anonymous Player Awareness System locks gamblers out of machines for 30 seconds when detecting erratic or excessive play. During the brief lock on play, a warning message is displayed about safe gambling on the machines’ screens

The BBC quotes an expert as cautioning that the enforced break is likely not long enough to have the desired effect.

Launched this month by the Betting and Gaming Council, the AI Anonymous Player Awareness System will also try to detect behaviour patters such as chasing losses, spending too long on a single machine and playing many games in succession.

Currently, the software is operational on machines in all 3,200 Ladbrokes and Coral shops, according to a Ladbrokes Coral spokesperson.

In addition to enforcing a break on gamblers deemed to be exhibiting problematic behaviour, staff also get an alert whenever an enforced break is imposed. This allows staff to approach a gambler, check they are ok and discuss any issues they may be having.

21st November 2019

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