UK MPs vote to block snap election

10th September 2019 

Boris Johnson has suffered his sixth Parliamentary defeat in six days.

UK MPs have blocked a motion calling for a snap election while also voting to force the publication of secret preparations for a no-deal Brexit by the office of the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson has suffered his sixth parliamentary defeat in six days. Tuesday night’s session saw Opposition MPs chanting “shame on you” to Tory MPs as they filed behind Speaker John Bercow exiting Parliament for a 5-week suspension. Mr Johnson had received royal approval for the suspension, or the prorogation, of Parliament in spite of heavy criticism stemming from Opposition benches and civil society.

MPs will return to work on 14th October, days before Mr Johnson is due to meet EU officials to discuss a possible tweaking of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Boris Johnson shut down parliament amid chaotic scenes in the early hours of Tuesday following his sixth parliamentary defeat in six days, as MPs voted to block a snap election and to force the publication of No 10’s secret preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

Bercow told MPs “this is not a standard or normal prorogation,” remarking that there has not been one in place lasting 5-weeks for decades. Opposition MPs attempted to physically block Mr Bercow from leaving his chair to go to the House of Lords to complete the formal prorogation procedure.

Serious questions have been raised about what Mr Johnson intends to do after repeatedly stressing that he refused to delay leaving the EU beyond 31st October, despite an anti-Brexit Parliamentary Bill which has received royal assent.

Mr Johnson also appeared defiant about conceding to a Parliamentary vote, losing 302 votes to 311, calling on him to publish a document entitled Operation Yellowhammer which highlights the government’s plans on a no-deal scenario. Early August saw the leaking of a version of the document, warning of food and medicine shortages.

Businesses trading with and residing in the UK continue to raise concerns over the inability to plan for the future in view of no clear plan or outcome forthcoming.

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UK MPs vote to block snap election