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Understanding the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement for business

12th February 2021

The EU and the UK will now form two separate markets creating barriers to trade in goods and services and to cross-border mobility

The Malta Chamber, in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network and HSBC Malta is organizing a webinar entitled ‘Deciphering the Brexit deal for business’ to understand how the corporate world has been influenced post-Brexit.

The webinar will shed light on the substance of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and it will also help analyzing cross-country experiences on what the UK leaving the EU's ecosystem really meant in terms of common rules, supervision, and enforcement mechanisms.

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‘Deciphering the Brexit Deal for business’, scheduled for the 18th of February, will have a strong line-up of speakers explaining what the UK’s departure from the EU truly entails with regards to rules, supervision and enforcement mechanisms.

Shanella Rajanayagam, Trade Economist at HSBC Holdings plc, who will be one of the speakers at the event, said: “The post-Brexit business world will come with trade opportunities, as well as risks. My presentation will focus on the opportunities and challenges for businesses navigating the post-Brexit trade environment. It will explore the implications of the new EU-UK trade deal, trade policy priorities for the United Kingdom, and international trade prospects.”

Rajanayagam will be joined by EU and international trade lawyer Dr Jan Micallef, who forms part of the Malta Chamber International Relations Council.


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Understanding the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement for business