Unemployment rate rises again

30th June 2020

Those officially looking for a job in May numbered 11,423

The seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate in May stood at 4.2 per cent, up 0.1 percentage points over the previous month, when it had jumped to 4.1 per cent from the 3.4 per cent rate registered every month in the first quarter.

There were 11,423 people on the unemployment register last month as compared to 11,093 in April, and 9,278 in March. A year ago, people officially looking for a job numbered 8,875.

The National Statistics office said the unemployment rate for males was 3.9 per cent in May when 4.7 per cent of females were officially registered as being jobless.

Also, in the month under review, the youth unemployment rate – that is, those aged between 15 and 24 years – stood at 11.9 per cent while the rate for those between 25 and 74 years was 3.2 per cent.

According to the NSO, the unemployed males and those within the 25-74 age bracket were the main contributors to the overall level of unemployment in May.

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