Valletta Named One Of Europe's Most Relaxing Cities

3rd August 2018

The research took into account how busy the city is, how happy the locals are, living standards, and access to public transport.

Valletta has been named one of Europe’s most relaxing cities for a holiday getaway, according to travel company SpaSeekers.

SpaSeekers’ European Relaxation Index, which ranks 28 cities across Europe, took into account how busy the city is, how happy the locals are, living standards, access to public transport, the amount of coastline nearby, and how busy the local airport is. Valletta rounded out the top 10 list, just below the Greek capital, Athens.

Copenhagen was revealed to be the most relaxing city break that Europe has to offer, with cities like Luxembourg, Talinn, Helsinki and Zagreb also making the top 10 list.

Meanwhile Sofia, Amsterdam, and Paris aren't advised if you're looking for a tranquil break. “Although Amsterdam and Paris are popular tourist destinations, their high airport numbers mean visitors are often stressed by the masses of people as soon as they get off the plane,” said Jason Goldberg at SpaSeekers.


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