Wage Supplement Scheme

Following consultations at MCESD level, the Government is introducing a new multi-phased tapering system for the wage supplement scheme. The new system will become effective from August 2021.

Those experiencing a drop of more than 55% in their revenues due to the pandemic will continue receiving the full wage supplement support of €800 monthly per employee until the end of 2021. Furthermore, support to all eligible businesses will remain in place till the end year and will gradually taper to 60-80% of the current benefit during Q3 of 2021 and to 50% during Q4 of 2021.

The Malta Chamber remains committed to ensuring that businesses continue to benefit from tangible assistance and practical incentives to help them re-engineer, revitalise investment and thrive.

For more information on the new tapering system kindly view the table below:


VAT-exempt beneficiaries currently receiving €600 monthly per employee will be tapered down to €420 in Phase 1 and €210 in Phase 2.

Wage Supplement Scheme