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WATCH: Apple unveils new iOS 14 for iPhone

23rd June 2020

The reveal formed part of Apple's WWDC event, which was held online for the first time.

Apple has unveiled its new operating system for iPhone, which includes number of changes, new features and updates. 

Starting with changes to the home screen, iOS 14 sees a new App Library intended to stop people having to search through their various pages for different apps. Another addition is a number of new widgets showing more information and options which can be dropped onto the home screen.

A new Picture in Picture mode will allow users to watch videos from other apps while using other features on their phone, marking the first time that the iPhone has been able to show information from more than one app at the same time.

Another new feature is the way in which incoming calls are displayed – in the corner of the screen, rather than taking up the whole display – as well as a new app called Translate, which will enable users to translate between 11 different languages.

Updates to Messages and Memoji also form part of the new OS, with texts arranged into conversations that can be pinned for reference, better organised groups and extra options for customization for Memoji. 

iOS 14 also includes a new Maps feature as well as updates on Apple's CarPlay feature that allows iOS to run on a car's dashboard, and even enables users to unlock a car using their phone. Finally, another new feature known as Apple Clips will also allow users to create smaller versions of apps that can be scanned using a special code.

The new software will be available to the public in early versions from next month, while the full release is expected in September, along with the new iPhone 12.

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