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WATCH: Identity Malta launches new online system for registration of births and deaths

24th June 2020

The public will be able to avail of the digital platform as of today.

In a press conference this morning, Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement Byron Camilleri and Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities Alex Muscat introduced Identity Malta's new online system, through which the public can begin registering births and deaths as from today.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat explained that the new system will be available through and will require registration through a simple online form. 

“This digital platform is aimed at making the process of registering births and deaths easier, enabling people to carry out the procedure from the comfort of their own home,” Mr Muscat said, affirming that Malta has an average of 4,100 births and 3,300 deaths per year, meaning that circa 7,400 families will need to avail of this service on a yearly basis, and will now be able to do so from home.

“This forms part of a packet of measures that Identity Malta are implementing to improve people’s lives and simplify its processes,” he continued, giving an overview of the system. “In the case of a birth or a death, the family will use their eID credentials to register it within 15 days – they will receive confirmation via email and details by post to verify that all information is correct.”

Minister Byron Camilleri highlighted the importance of the work being done, noting that “Identity Malta touches every person in Malta, from birth to death – it also touches anyone who resides in Malta.”

“When it comes to birth notifications, this has already seen progress with Identity Malta’s office within Mater Dei, helping families to register births easily and not having to take the trip to Evans Building – same goes for those needing to register a death,” he continued, adding that the online system continues to make the process easier.

“Throughout the pandemic, everyone has increasingly recognised the value of technology, but Identity Malta have been working on these advancements since before then, taking the decision to invest more in technology so as to better serve its clients,” he said.

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