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WATCH: Launch of Electricity Bill Refund Scheme for Businesses

27th August 2020

Over 16,000 local businesses will be refunded 50% of electricity bills for July, August and September

A budget of €35m is being allocated to businesses which had to cease or limit their operations due to COVID-19 outbreak by way of an incentive aimed at supporting the operating expenditure of over 16,000 businesses across the islands. 

Eligible businesses will be refunded 50 per cent of what they paid in electricity bills in July, August and September, according to Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, who spoke at a press conference about the broadcast Electricity Bill Refund Scheme for Businesses earlier today.

The scheme forms part of the economic recovery package announced by Malta’s Prime Minister earlier in June.

“We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with businesses and families throughout this journey for the regeneration of our economy. Our goal is to continue to safeguard as many jobs as possible,” Minister Schembri said.

He went on to explain that businesses with one outlet can claim up to €1,500 through the scheme, while those with multiple outlets which employ a substantial number of employees benefiting from the wage supplement can be eligible for a maximum of €7,500.

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WATCH: Launch of Electricity Bill Refund Scheme for Businesses