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We Care - We Act for the Environment

19th October 2022

PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. (PTM) is a leading provider of environmental and waste handling services.

Asbestos Removal

When it comes to asbestos, there is only one name that should come to mind, PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd.
With years of experience and being the only local company with all the necessary permits and insurances for both the removal and the eventual export for treatment PT Matic has become synonymous with asbestos removal both from commercial properties and from households.
Given the danger this material can cause, do not waste time and call the experts to keep your life and family safe.

Confidential Shredding

PT Matic has been entrusted throughout the years by clients in various industries, be it financial institutions, government entities, insurance companies etc, to securely shred and dispose of their confidential waste.
Be it loose paper, files, books, Hard Disk drives or mobile phones, PT Matic has all the solutions to securely dispose of the waste.

Hazardous Waste Management

PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd, is your one stop shop for the disposal of any hazardous waste that might be present in your premises. Be it waste oils, chemicals, contaminated materials or clinical waste, PT Matic has all the required permits and insurances to handle this waste in an environmentally friendly manner and according to the local and European legislations.
Get in touch today with our sales department to create your ad-hoc hazardous waste collections and treatment.

Oil Spill Clean Up

Accidents occur and that is why you need to have experts readily available to assist once these things happen.
PT Matic’s trained environmental technicians are equipped with the necessary equipment and environmentally friendly absorbing materials to contain and clean any kind of spill that might occur on land.

Tank Cleaning

Be it cleaning of fuel tanks, storage tanks and any other confined space that might require cleaning for change of use or any other certification, you should trust in no one except the professionals.
PT Matic’s environmental technicians are trained and certified to access and clean these spaces using the required chemicals and additives as required to be able to certify the tank clean.

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We Care - We Act for the Environment