Why strong connectivity is not an option in today’s business environment – Arthur Azzopardi

Helena Grech - 30th June 2019

 ‘Communication is key to business success as it enables business owners to connect with suppliers, stakeholders and ultimately their clients,’ says Arthur Azzopardi

One of the main drivers of a successful business in today’s day and age is strong connectivity and technology, which help to efficiently bridge the needs and wants of customers, employees, suppliers and the employer.

This often translates into different realities for different businesses. However, beyond this, having strong connectivity and efficient technology in place is likely to have a significant impact on how well a business can deliver its services, while maintaining a happy workforce.

In addition to an ever-growing digitalised world, consumer culture has also changed. Less and less people adhere to the standard nine to five business hours. Instead, more and more people expect to be able to engage with a business throughout the day, from wherever they may reside. Customers are also becoming more technologically savvy, and are expecting businesses to keep up with the same pace of change.

Arthur Azzopardi, Chief Officer GO Business for GO, agrees that “communication is key” for today’s businesses.

GO Business is a specialised business-to-business team (B2B) within GO, specifically catering to the needs of the local business community. The team members represent different departments and roles within the company, from sales and customer retention specialists to solution designers and support staff. The key differentiator is that GO business does not focus on selling packages to customers, but on understanding business requirements and providing solutions around these needs.

Mr Azzopardi comes from the ICT industry and has a long history with the company. Joining in 2006 as part of the team responsible for transforming GO, he went on to work in different senior roles over the years. Following the successful turnaround of GO’s wholesale business, he has recently been appointed Chief Officer for GO Business.


Image: Alan Carville

Connectivity within a business can refer to anything from hardware to software, network infrastructure and business processes. To lesser or greater degrees, changing customer expectations impact everybody from small local retailers to big business “Communication is key to business success as it enables business owners to connect with suppliers, stakeholders and ultimately their clients. Effective communication is only possible with the right technology. Which is why it is important that businesses do not overlook their connectivity and technology needs, as staying connected where it matters and when it matters will help them thrive and stand out in crowded markets,” says Mr Azzopardi.

Asked what services GO Business can offer beyond connectivity and networking, Mr Azzopardi explains, “our goal at GO Business is to facilitate and support successful businesses, being there to assist them while they are starting up, enabling them to operate efficiently and securely. Helping our clients grow is also a core part of our mission, and we do this by providing solutions and managing multiple components of their business from end-to-end. Our highly-trained team can handle everything from the equipment installation to configuration, and ongoing support, ensuring complete peace of mind.”

“Furthermore, we make it easy for our business clients to increase brand awareness and reach their potential customers wherever they are; our clients can run competitions, start a survey, utilise tele-voting and phone-ins or offer exclusive deals to their customers.”

Mr Azzopardi adds that GO Business can provide assistance to any business size, from catering “to their most basic connectivity needs, to setting up and maintaining complex private networks that demand high levels of privacy.”

“For smaller businesses we have convenient and easy ways to activate bundles that incorporate all that a business needs to operate. But we don’t stop there. We also offer networking solutions and managed services to larger clients, and clients who are growing,” he asserts. “such as setting up and maintaining fibre-based private networks, including providing 24-hour support. We have a specialised B2B team ready to advise and assist the local business community, and these can be reached via our website or through the GO Business Centre conveniently located at PAMA Village in Mosta. Once in touch with GO Business, our B2B specialists will assist each client individually, drawing up the right solution for their needs.”

Stressing again the ability for GO Business to cater for even smaller businesses, that often believe that such services are geared towards bigger companies, Mr Azzopardi explains how GO is able to leverage its vast experience on the market in order to get the best for all their clients.

“Our managed service offerings are tailored to fit the different individual needs of our customers, whether they are small or large. We evaluate the needs of the client in question, and tailor a solution to fit their specific requirements. But we go further than that. Our experience in the market is also something we leverage and in many instances, we don’t just design and deliver solutions here and now, but we advise on future scalability depending on the customer’s future plans,” he explains. “Therefore, any business, whether just starting up, in the process of expanding or already established, can look at GO Business as their partner, also sharing experiences from collaboration with other customers in the same sector.”

Why strong connectivity is not an option in today’s business environment – Arthur Azzopardi