Why Vodafone Is Now In Pole Position To Extend Its 4.5G Network For Fastest-Ever Speeds

11th April 2018

Last October, the company trialled breakthrough gigabit speeds on its mobile network – meaning that a 90 minute full-HD movie can be downloaded in a little over 30 seconds.

Vodafone Malta is in pole position to extend its 4.5G network and ramp up speeds in the lead-up to a future 5G rollout after acquiring the largest spectrum holding. 

Spectrum is the most critical strategic asset for any mobile operator’s business and, quite simply, relates to a range of radio frequencies allocated to the mobile industry for communication over the airwaves.

Recently, the Malta Communications Authority awarded licenses for spectrum in the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum bands in Malta. Vodafone Malta has acquired a total of 105Mhz unpaired spectrum across both the 800Mhz and the 2.6Ghz bands, the largest allocation out of that given to Malta’s three main mobile operators.

“This means that we can continue to connect more people, provide deeper indoor coverage for mobile data users, offer faster speeds and ultimately provide cutting-edge products to our customers. Therefore, the recent MCA decision will support Vodafone Supernet to offer the best experience for our customers in Malta,” Chief Technology Officer Sheila Kavanagh explained.

“Having acquired the best possible spectrum combinations will also allow us to take advantage of some very interesting future leading edge capabilities and technologies on both our current 4.5G network and on a future 5G network.”

Last summer, Vodafone was first to launch its unique 4.5G network which continues to be up to 60 per cent faster than any other mobile network in Malta. Last October, the company also showcased the foundations for 5G technology by trialling breakthrough gigabit speeds on its mobile network – meaning that a 90 minute full-HD movie can be downloaded in a little over 30 seconds.

Vodafone Supernet facts:

- Malta’s only 4.5G network since June 2017.

- Maximum speeds today of up to 210 Mbps, which is up to 60 per cent faster than 4G.

- Malta’s number one network, as certified independently by P3.

- Outstanding 4G roaming coverage in over 120 countries outside Malta.

5G technology also promises to open up new, exciting possibilities for businesses as it is uniquely suited to handle the growing connectivity needs of the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to its low latency. The technology promises to usher in the next era of immersive experiences with faster, more uniform data rates at lower latency, thus enabling a host of machine-to-machine applications, such as vehicles benefitting from information received from roadside sensors as well as other vehicles.

As IoT-enabled devices start to play a larger role in daily life, 5G will offer the ability to connect on a massive scale, enabling embedded sensors and devices in virtually everything, from domestic devices such as appliances, light bulbs, climate control devices and digital displays to wearables of all kinds, which can for instance help transform elderly care.

The new spectrum allocation will pave the way for this and more.

“On top of this, we are also delighted to announce that, for the third time over the past few years, Vodafone has been independently certified by P3 as the best mobile network in Malta,” Ms Kavanagh said.

The recent P3 network benchmark exercise was run over 10 days with extensive data and voice sample testing across all three operators to independently determine the best network. Vodafone scored the highest result with a score of 868, with the next nearest competitors scoring 810 and 395 respectively, positioning Vodafone as a clear leader in the market.

Vodafone Supernet not only offers customers the best network in Malta but provides the most extensive global reach when travelling, with 4G roaming in over 120 countries.

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