Will Member States Agree To Postpone Brexit For Another 12 Months?

Vanessa Conneely - 5th April 2019

British PM Theresa May appealed to Brussels for more time, but will the EU give her more than she bargained for?

With one week to go until the 12th April deadline of Brexit, talks among British politicians continue to lead to nothing but stalemate. Despite lengthy meetings on Thursday there was no still no breakthrough.

On Friday, EU Council President Donald Tusk will ask member states if they would be willing to postpone Brexit for up to 12 months to allow Britain time to sort itself out. However, this action by Donald Tusk seems to contradict what British Prime Minister Theresa May wants.

On Friday she wrote to President Tusk asking to delay Brexit only until 30th June to allow her time to come up with a deal. In the letter she said: “The United Kingdom proposes that this period should end on 30 June 2019.”

She also added that if an agreement was reached before this date, then the extension could finish early.

“The government will want to agree a timetable for ratification that allows the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union before 23 May 2019 and therefore cancel the European Parliament elections but will continue to make responsible preparations to hold the elections should this not prove possible,” she said.

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