WMS3PL - A New Cloud Software Venture For Databyte In The Warehousing Space

22nd October 2018

DataByte and Express Trailers have roped in Gartner, one of the world leaders in the consulting world for IT projects.

Warehouse Management System for Third Party Logistics or WMS3PL is the portion of the supply chain which caters for the rendering of the management of warehouse space by an operator on behalf of a contracting third party who opts to outsource this operation to trusted partners. After having provided various versions of software systems to warehouse management operators in Malta for a few decades to support this function, a new and exciting venture for DataByte has now been conceived.

DataByte and Express Trailers, market leaders in software development and logistics, respectively, have strongly collaborated in the past 30 years in the latter’s core Transportation Management System as well as jointly operating one of the DataByte deployments of the current version of the Warehouse Management Solution. The two parties have agreed to invest and step up the act while joining forces to produce a world-class WMS3PL software solution. The new system will be multilanguage and cater for diverse warehousing configurations found in international markets.

The combined body of knowledge of DataByte from the software architecture and construction point of view and the logistics acumen from Express Trailers has spawned a project that is planned to have international credentials while carrying the right ingredients.

DataByte have over the last 18 months designed the new WMS system that will meet the requirements of the complex warehouse operations in the 3PL space. Express Trailers have pitched in their gained expertise as they themselves have increased their operating span of offerings in the local 3PL environment whilst viewing to expand their WMS offerings to foreign territory in the coming months.

The two parties have also agreed to rope in the mighty consulting arm of Gartner as the world leaders in the consulting world for IT projects. DataByte and Gartner have, over the last year forged a very strong relationship to get the best analysis and international market view of what is happening in WMS3PL in the very clearly stratified international market model developed by Gartner.

DataByte feel very strongly that in the coming months it will create yet another high end cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) deliverable to address this arena of activity in the supply chain process that is increasing in demand worldwide. DataByte plan to innovate by having an interface to e-commerce platform to allow WMS3PL operators offer logistics solutions to their on-line retailers who are also very much on the increase in the supply chain sphere.


23rd October 2018

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18th October 2018

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18th October 2018

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10th October 2018

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