Women in business meet with state officials to share ideas on steps for progress

Helena Grech - 26th July 2019 

It was aimed at providing a platform where female business owners can meet and discuss the challenges they face in day-to-day life.

The Office of the Commissioner for Simplification, together with the Ministry for Economy, Investment and Small Business and ‘Business 1st’ organised an event entitled ‘Female Business Café’ last Thursday.

It was aimed at providing a platform where female business owners can meet and discuss the challenges they face in day-to-day life.

Addressing the event, Commissioner for Simplification and local MP Rosianne Cutajar spoke of her wish to go beyond discussing the difficulties for women in business life and move on to having pro-active discussions where solutions are brought forward.

Rosianne Cutajar

Photo by Clodagh Farrugia O'Neill

She commended the government for taking initiatives in this regard, however cautioning that “without a doubt” more work needs to be done.

Ms Cutajar assured the audience that what would be proposed and discussed during the event would not fall on deaf ears but would be scrutinised by the Economy Minister and by her office, “so that work can begin to see how best to implement and execute” any chosen proposals.

Economy Minister Chris Cardona highlighted the issue where just 5 per cent of board members in companies are made up of women.

Chris Cardona

Photo by Clodagh Farrugia O'Neill

“We made great steps to increase female workforce participation however more needs to be done,” Minister Cardona said.

Further speakers at the event included Parliamentary Secretary for Reform, Citizenship and Simplification Julia Farrugia Portelli, who spoke about the issue surrounding human resources in Malta, with many businesses struggling to fill vacancies.

Julia Farrugia Portelli

She committed to continue investing in Identity Malta so that businesses needing to register third-country national employees can do so more swiftly and efficiently.

Ms Marika Tonna, Head of Business 1st also addressed the event, discussing how the entity is helping people to set up their own business by simplifying the paperwork required, going from some 20 forms to one single form.

26th July 2019

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