Women in Business: why mentorship programmes are ‘key’ to female advancement 

Rebecca Anastasi - 26th September 2019 

‘…Female business leaders still require more networking opportunities, access to funding and further encouragement to make use of their entrepreneurial energy,’ says Amanda Xuereb, CDO of Toly Group.

Amanda Xuereb, Chief Development Officer for Toly Group, Founder of Beauty Trill and winner of HSBC’s Young Businesswoman of the Year – an award aimed at encouraging young women and girls to take up leadership roles – believes that creating mentorship programmes as a space where women in business can network, connect and be made aware of opportunities, is vital.

She still sees scope for further advancement for women in the workplace, which she believes must come from people of all genders. “I believe that more women would like to take an active role in the workplace, however, due to family and home constraints, they refrain as most women still feel it’s their responsibility to take care of the family. Men should be open and willing to support with domestic duties, and together, the couple should create arrangements to allow for their personal profession to prosper.”

She also advocates for gender balance on boards, saying that diversity is “a value driver in organisational strategy.” She notes the way in which boards with equal representation can “arrive at better decisions,” since people from different backgrounds “can bring a broad spectrum of thoughts, perspectives and ideas to the table.”

“Yet female business leaders still require more networking opportunities, access to funding and further encouragement to make use of their entrepreneurial energy.” Thus, creating a mentorship programme, she says, is key.

“This could be a nice idea as that would allow women to connect and inspire other women to take the jump and step outside of their comfort zone,” she asserts. “I believe the future is bright for women in business in Malta. There is more awareness around this topical issue. Companies and Government have this on their agenda. I encourage Maltese businesses to consider diversity as part of their overall business strategy,” she adds.

This is an extract from an interview which initially featured in the September edition of the Commercial Courier. Those featured in the original interview are being presented on this portal as part of a mini-series on women in business.


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