Policy Positions


The Malta Chamber feedback to MFHEA National Strategy Consultation


National Strategy for the Environment 2050 - Feedback by The Malta Chamber

Right to Disconnect - An employers guide for a productive culture that safeguards employees wellness

The Malta Chamber Recommendations for the 2023 National Budget

A Strong Transparency, Accountability and Ethical Governance framework for Members of Parliament  

Time to Step Up: The Malta Chamber's Recommendations for the next legislature 2022-2027

Recommendations for better Mental Health Services in Malta

Vistage CEO Confidence Index 2022 Reports

Q2 CEO CI Survey Results

Q1 CEO CI Survey Results

Vistage CEO Confidence Index 2021 Reports

Q1 CEO CI Survey Results 

Q2 CEO CI Survey Results

Q3 CEO CI Survey Results

Q4 CEO CI Survey Results


Rediscover – A New Vision for Tourism Industry in Malta

The Malta Chamber 2022 Budget Proposals

The Malta Chamber's position on a National Workforce Strategy

A Feedback Report on the Malta National Autism Strategy 2021-2030

Third Country Nationals in the Local Labour Market

Education for the Future

Recreational Cannabis Policy Paper

Recommended List of Service Providers for the Change to Grow Scheme

Sustainable Development Strategy - Malta Chamber Feedback

Building Futures - National Cultural Policy 2021

Consultation Malta Chamber - Waste Management Plan

The Malta Chamber Health & Wellness COVID Recommendations

Public Procurement Reform Report 2021


Malta Chamber 2020 NSE Submission

Re-Engineering and Transformation Scheme Guidelines

A Smart Sustainable Island - Driving the Wealth and Wellness of Society - Recommendations for the Annual Budget 2021

Manifesto for Good GovernanceAnnex A
Economic Vision for Malta: 2020-2025Annex B
Stimulus Package for the Mini-Budget of 8 June 2020Annex C
Recommendations for the MoneyVal AssessmentAnnex D
Think Tank - Round Table (RT) Sectoral Papers (SPs)
1. Tourism RT SP Annex E1
2. Importers & Wholesalers RT SPAnnex E2
3. Education & Training RT SPAnnex E3
4. Construction RT SPAnnex E4
5. Exporters RT SPAnnex E5
6. Manufacturing RT SPAnnex E6
7. Hospitality RT SP Annex E7
8. Retail RT SPAnnex E8
9. Transport & Logistics RT SPAnnex E9
10. Financial Services RT SPAnnex E10
11. Technology RT SPAnnex E11
12. Digital & Media RT SPAnnex E12


January 2019 - Chamber PRS Position Paper

January 2019 - Malta Chamber - 3-MCPD position

June 2019 - The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry - Final SUP strategy recommendations

June 2019 - The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Entrerprise and Industry recommendations on the proposed amendments for LN 72 of 2013


July 2018 - Malta Chamber pre-Budget Document 2019

April 2018 - Malta Chamber Initial Reactions to the Electronic Payments Strategy

April 2018 - Malta Chamber feedback on Equality Act

Labour Market in 2018 and Beyond

October 2018 - Malta Chamber of Commerce feedback on new construction and building regulator

November 2018 - Malta Chamber Reactions - Budget 2019


April 2017 - NRP 2017 Proposals and Feedback final

May 2017 - House of Lords document on BREXIT -MC feedback

May 2017 - Pre-Electoral Proposals - FINAL

August 2017 - Malta Chamber Pre-Budget Proposals 2018 FINAL

November 2017 - Malta Chamber Feedback - University Consultation Paper

October 2016 - Malta Chamber Reactions - Budget 2018 - FINAL

Policy Positions