6th May 2022

Various topics were discussed including political credibility, clear communication channels and sust...

6th May 2022

Energy and Water Financing Opportunities for Manufacturers

5th May 2022

"By partnering with educational institutions like MCAST, The Malta Chamber is helping to addres...

3rd May 2022

"The extent to which we will succeed as a country in developing a viable circular economy depen...


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28th April 2022

The newly elected Chairperson of the Furniture Manufacturing Business Section, Ms. Luana Falzon, spoke about the need to champion Maltese companies in this field.

28th April 2022

Discuss the present and future trends of Maltese and European Property markets in light of the latest economic, social, and political developments

27th April 2022

In the last two years, FinanceMalta faced unprecedented challenges and had to adapt its operations accordingly due to the pandemic.

23rd April 2022

The Malta Chamber appeals to the local authorities to be more sensitive to the economic implications of a draconian approach to travel to and from third countries at this stage.

21st April 2022

Will you be representing Malta in the global final in Copenhagen this June 2022?

16th April 2022

The Malta Chamber appeals to Government and all relevant authorities to be truly sensitive to the ex...

15th April 2022

Dr. Francis Galea Salomone has been appointed Chairperson

14th April 2022

The Malta Chamber CEO emphasised the importance of restoring our country’s reputation as this has a ...

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