Jo Caruana - 17th October 2018

As Thomas Smith commemorates a truly mammoth anniversary – 170 years of operation – the company is looking firmly to the future with the announcement of its dynamic new Board of Directors.

16th October 2018

In total, the Malta Chamber made 30 key recommendations which include well over 60 practical measures for inclusion in the Budget document for 2019.

16th October 2018

Forthcoming budget to introduce measures to help people who live in private rented housing.

16th October 2018

BAG said its proposals could also contribute to a healthier workforce, which would be beneficial both for employers and the state.

15th October 2018

The weekly wage is expected to increase by a total of €3.33, resulting in a yearly increase of €173.16.


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15th October 2018

Jamie Dimon is the latest high-profile figure to pull out of the event after Jamal Khashoggi vanished on 2nd October.


15th October 2018

Chairman Joseph Gasan's father signed one of the first concessionaire agreements for the Ford Motor Company with Henry Ford himself.

Rebecca Anastasi - 14th October 2018

The upsurge in Malta’s economy has been accompanied by an exponential growth in the number of foreign workers on the island. Four corporate leaders discuss what this has meant for their business.


Rebecca Anastasi - 13th October 2018

The success of a family business relies heavily on its ability to plan for the future, according to Albert Frendo, Chief Business Development Officer Credit at Bank of Valletta plc.

12th October 2018

Malta Chamber President Mr Frank V. Farrugia was appointed Director of Eurochambres during a the 124th Eurochambres Plenary Assembly which he attended in Brussels. Eurochambres represents over 20 million businesses in Europe through 46 members organisations, and a European network of 1700 regional and local chambers.