23rd July 2021

The Malta Chamber is seriously concerned with this situation, which is greatly reducing the producti...

22nd July 2021

Mr. Laferla Sr. stated that he felt confident that both Mark Jr. and Keith are more than competent i...

22nd July 2021

The themes revolved around the ongoing challenges of attracting talent and other topical subjects.

21st July 2021

For many years, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malta has fulfilled its important mission to collect and diss...


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15th July 2021

“Political Maturity is not just desirable - it is vital. Beyond mere words, we need to see it actually happening and being put into practice.”

15th July 2021

These legislations will surely impact businesses and consumers, whether directly or indirectly.

14th July 2021

The branch will allow travellers arriving in Malta to rent safe, sanitised vehicles from EHI’s three rental businesses

12th July 2021

Ganado Advocates shall support the newly established ‘Procurement and Competition Committee’ with the aim of enhancing The Chamber’s work on public procurement while developing its competition policy

9th July 2021

Planning needs to be implemented in organising a sustainable hybrid model that provides a balance be...

9th July 2021

As part of the Bank’s monthly #Yourcause initiatives, staff at BNF Bank managed to raise a substanti...

9th July 2021

A total of 76 Year five and Year six students from different primary schools have completed the chal...

8th July 2021

The document dwells on the importance of lifelong learning, having periodical curriculum reviews, em...

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