8th November 2022

Malta Business Bureau and MHRA believe the rules are a step closer to a fair level playing-field in ...

1st November 2022

“Thanks to active dialogue with The Malta Chamber, we look forward to leaving lasting and tangible b...

1st November 2022

BNF Bank operates twelve branches across Malta and Gozo, which will now go dark in this initiative.

31st October 2022

“Ethics are the backbone of sound working relationships amongst colleagues and with customers.”


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24th October 2022

Bolder measures needed for a more sustainable economic growth model

21st October 2022

This scheme will help bridge the gap between the skills that one obtains from University and the needs of the local industry

19th October 2022

Dr Portelli also spoke about skills, labour market, economies of scale and the importance of having a unique selling proposition

19th October 2022

BOV personnel took to the stage to share their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics

19th October 2022

The partnership aims to usher in a renewed collaboration within Malta's business community towar...

19th October 2022

PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. (PTM) is a leading provider of environmental and waste handling...

18th October 2022

The following is the speech given by Marisa Xuereb, The Malta Chamber President, during the EY Parth...

17th October 2022

The Retail Business Section will support The Malta Chamber to be the true voice of the sector in Mal...

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