20th August 2019

The US president promised not to ‘do this’ a day after confirming interest in buying the country.

19th August 2019

The country will reportedly allow companies to pay salaries in cryptocurrency as from 1st September.

19th August 2019

Comments made by Finance Minister Olaf Scholz suggesting Germany could boost spending has alleviated fears and boosted European shares.

18th August 2019

‘Our message, throughout, has been consistent: the future of the EU must be built around an effective single market,’ says Pierre Goguet, President if CCI France


Do you think the amendments to Malta’s construction laws will solve the current issues in the industry?

Yes 10%
No 85%
Don't know 5%


Jo Caruana - 15th August 2019

‘Our Ministry, in particular, faces an uphill struggle because everything we do is connected to human beings, and that means a lot of very strong emotions must be taken into consideration,’ says Family Minister Michael Falzon.

14th August 2019

By putting its local business knowledge into advice, supplemented with a vast network of international connections, the Malta Chamber provides the value-added support which is needed to reach high impact outcomes.


Helena Grech - 14th August 2019

“Of interest to me are those developments which enhance implementation of monitoring and flagging bad behaviour in the way we deal with things in our societies, our service industry and also in public administration,” says Senior Partner at Ganado Advocates, Max Ganado.

13th August 2019

The exclusive event was held at Palazzo Parisio at the end of June.

Martina Said

The figure marks a 38 per cent increase compared to the same period last year.

Sarah Micallef - 12th August 2019

The views can be enjoyed from anywhere within due to glass partitions, without, crucially, compromising on privacy, thanks to expert acoustic treatments.


Marie-Claire Grima - 11th August 2019

From local media to international news outlets, it became a catch-all phrase that captured Malta’s forward-thinking vision in this technological realm.

Cassi Camilleri - 10th August

Tourism industry stakeholders have raised the alarm over “unsustainable” practices impacting the sector, which, this year, has seen a rise in the number of visitors to the island.