18th April 2018

Malta is described as a dynamic hub that can attract early-stage start-ups who want to work in a location that combines good weather, low operating costs and increasing government support.

17th April 2018

Chamber argues that non-wage costs must include mandatory statutory bonuses paid by the employers and the contributions to the maternity leave trust fund alongside national insurance and other costs that do not render productivity.

17th April 2018

The law makes it clear that cultivation, for the purpose of research and industrial production, will only be possible in designated industrial areas and under strict conditions.

17th April 2018

Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz said that it wanted to be part of Malta’s blockchain ecosystem.

16th April 2018

This scheme enables businesses to benefit from up to €5,000, which in some cases covers all costs related to the energy audit.

16th April 2018

Mrs May called for the Commonwealth to be a beacon for free trade, at a time of increasing protectionism, and urged the use of common standards across all 53 countries.


Is your business prepared for the introduction of GDPR?

Yes 33%
No 55%
I don't know 11%

Jo Caruana - 15th April 2018

The world’s waste problem is only getting worse, but some companies, like Specto Ltd, are providing options and solutions.


Jo Caruana - 14th April 2018

As one of the women leading Malta’s construction industry, Denise Micallef Xuereb is putting her focus on restoration and high-quality results.

13th April 2018

The Malta Chamber in collaboration with Jobsplus is offering members the opportunity to advertise their vacancies in a recruitment event in Catania Sicily on the 19th May.

12th April 2018

Malta Chamber supports the launch of the first edition of the China International Import Expo that will take place in Shanghai in November this year.

12th April 2018

Speaking during the bank’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Mr Beane told shareholders that the bank's focus was the strategy that was approved by the Board of Directors in February to grow the business in Malta.

12th April 2018

OKEX provides global users with a robust digital-asset-only exchange and currently offers token-to token and futures-like trading.

12th April 2018

"We are determined to see through that the strategic initiatives are carried out by 2020 so that Malta remains a safe country and maintains the stability and integrity of its economy," said Prof. Edward Scicluna.

11th April 2018

Mr Zuckerberg was answering questions in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal.