18th April 2019

The conference will be held from 5th to 6th June at the Hilton Conference Centre, with the main conference on the Thursday and an evening networking reception taking place on the Wednesday.


Jo Caruana - 17th April 2019

Pierre Pellegrini Petit is at the helm of Attard & Co Food Ltd, one of the most successful food companies on the island, with €18 million in annual turnover.

17th April 2019

The Executive Boards of the Economic Groups discuss issues that are specific to the nature of the group they represent.

17th April 2019

ProCrew is expected to offer practical experience at sea but also includes blended learning towards the continuous improvement of skills while one moves ahead with their career.

17th April 2019

RE/MAX’s new initiative comes as part of the company’s overall strategy to restructure its business and create further opportunities for the entire group.


Do you think the interests of Malta's business community are well-represented in Brussels?

Yes 36%
No 42%
I don't know 21%

Vanessa Conneely - 16th April 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole Owner Mark O'Dwyer has a boundless passion for cryptocurrency.

Vanessa Conneely - 16th April 2019

The report shows both passenger and vehicle figures are higher than the same period last year

16th April 2019

The collaborative economy is defined as “a marketplace where consumers rely on each other instead of large companies to meet their wants and needs.”

15th April 2019

The Malta Business Bureau delegation exchanged views with the Prime Minister on the priorities and expectations of the Maltese business community from the EU over the next five years, as highlighted in the Business Manifesto.

15th April 2019

The bank announced further investment in its Maltese operations, by an injection of an additional €4 million into its share capital.