22nd January 2021

The ‘Report on Public Procurement Reform 2021’, is a further development of The Chamber’s advocacy o...

22nd January 2021

“Moral, Professional, Fair and Efficient Public procurement will be a pillar of good governance”

20th January 2021

In continuing its call for good governance, The Malta Chamber launches a report on the reform needed...

21st January 2021

A world leading brand in advanced residual antimicrobial tech, Zoono requires one application every ...


Is your business prepared for Brexit?

Yes 33%
No 33%
Not sure 33%

15th January 2021

Members were once again provided with the opportunity to get the right information, directly from source, on the subjects that matter to them – this time focusing on Brexit.

14th January 2021

In November, there were 14,936 inbound visitors, compared to 191,110 tourists in November 2019

13th January 2021

Down by -0.6% and -0.4% compared with November 2019

12th January 2021

Priorities of public safety must take precedence

15th January 2021

Prioritisation in the vaccination programme is further justified in recognition of the resilience of...

12th January 2021

The Chamber President emphasised the importance of understanding how effective the vaccine is in the...

11th Janaury 2021

The Malta Chamber Elderly Home Operators Business Section encourages all its residents to get vaccin...

11th Janaury 2021

"I can now fully appreciate the vision of The Malta Chamber had for a brighter economic future”

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