13th February 2020

It is the first insurance based voluntary occupational pension scheme in Malta, say MAPFRE

13th February 2020

The new Economic Vision will serve as a follow up to the first edition ‘An Economic vision for Malta 2014-2020’, and shall once again strive to provide government with a business agenda for the country’s economy.

13th February 2020

Government notes this is the third credit rating agency to confirm the island’s rating this year

11th February 2020

Goods originating from the European Union represented 65.9 per cent of total imports last year


Do you think the amendments to Malta’s construction laws will solve the current issues in the industry?

Yes 20%
No 73%
Don't know 6%


9th February 2020

In the final part of this two-part series, Roberta Metsola discusses the European Parliament Agenda for 2020.


8th February 2020

In a feature published by the Malta Chamber’s annual publication, Economic Vision 2020, a number of business leaders share their thoughts for the upcoming year. This is the third part of that series.

7th February 2020

The second edition of Marketing Kingdom Malta will be held on Friday 6th March at the InterContinental Hotel, St Julian’s.

6th February 2020

Malta Chamber presents good governance document to President

6th February 2020

PM meets with members, to address AGM in March

6th February 2020

Louis A. Farrugia presents biography to Chamber President

6th February 2020

The government is seeking to secure a “slower but sustained pace of growth in tourist numbers”.

5th February 2020

Eurostat figures show the island was among the three EU states with the highest increases in December.

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