Business Sections

HealthCare Business Section

Ms Giulia Attard Montalto – Chairperson
Mr Robert Magri – Deputy Chairperson
Mr David Stellini
Mr Marcel Karl Mifsud
Ms Joanna Gatt                

Professional Community Lead Pharmacists Business Section

Mr Reginald Fava – Chairperon
Mrs Marisa Dalli – Deputy Chairperson
Prof Lilian M. Azzopardi
Mrs Eliza Vella
Mrs Pierina Zammit

Mr John Jaccarini    
Mr Alex Fenech  

Retail Business Section

Malcolm Camilleri – Chairperson
Nick Spiteri Paris – Deputy Chairperson
Sarah Zammit Cutajar
Owen Lee Camilleri
Claude Grech

Jonathan Shaw
Andrew Abela
Ritianne Grech                                          

Wines, Spirits, Beverages & Tobacco Business Section

Mr Pierre Stafrace – Chairperson
Mr Alexander Arrigo – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Michael Darmanin 
Mr Stephen Rausi
Mr Tarcisio Piscopo

Electrical And Electronics Business Section

Mr Adrian Attard Trevisan – Chairperson
Mr Aaron Azzopardi – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Conrad Pace
Mr Simon Alden
Mr Joseph Gingell

Mr Joseph Buhagiar

Furniture Manufacturing Business Section

Ms Luana Falzon – Chairperson
Ms Jennifer Xuereb Sammut – Deputy Chairperson 
Mr Sebastian De Giorgio
Mr Terrance Delia
Mr Joseph Abela 
Mr Joseph Borg

Food and Beverage Processors Business Section

Mr Alex Meilak – Chairperson
Mr Joseph Pace – Deputy Chairperson 
Mr Benjamin Brincat
Mr Robert Cauchi

Mr Jeremy Cassar
Mr Stephen Bonnici

Medical Cannabis Business Section

Mr Christopher Busuttil Delbridge – Chairperson
Mr Adrian Azzopardi – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Matthew Deguara
Mr Robert Spiteri
Ms Angele Azzopardi

Mr Karl Bartolo

Aviation and Aerospace Industry Business Section

Mr David Curmi – Chairperson
Mr Christopher Borg – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Kristian Farrugia
Dr Elizabeth Gaerty
Mr Mark Laferla Jr.

Care Home Operators Business Section

Ms Natalie Briffa Farrugia – Chairperson
Ms Sarah Vella – Deputy Chairperson 
Dr Marie Eleanor Farrugia 
Ms Charmaine Attard 
Ms Angelle Falzon 

Ms Fleur Balzan

Employment Agencies Business Section

Mr Lawrence Zammit – Chairperson
Mr Josef Said – Deputy Chairperson 
Mr David Cutajar
Ms Naomi Barry
Mr Robert J. Sultana

Financial Services Business Section

Mr William Spiteri Bailey – Chairperson
Mr Jean Paul Fabri – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Kenneth Farrugia
Ms Deborah Schembri
Mr Karol Gabarretta

Tech Business Section

Mr Francois Grech – Chairperson
Mr Gordon Micallef – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Paul Baldacchino
Mr Joseph Roland Scerri 
Mr Simon Montanaro

Mr Bjorn Azzopardi
Mr Philip Cortis

Logistics Business Section

Mr David Fleri Soler – Chairperson
Mr Pierre Attard – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Robert Aquilina
Mr Shawn Falzon
Mr George Amato

Shipping and Bunkering

Mr Peter Sullivan – Chairperson
Mr Stephen Parnis England – Vice-Chairperson
Mr Edward Houlton                        
Mr Darin Zahra                               
Mr Matthew Sullivan   

Dr Stefan Piazza
Mr Karl Sullivan                         

Tourism Operators Business Section

Mr Alan Arrigo – Chairperson
Mr Douglas Barbaro Sant – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Iain Tonna
Mr Michael Camilleri Kamsky
Mr Kevin Vella 

Mr Julian Cassar Torreggiani

Virtual Financial Assets Agents Business Section

Dr Christina Scicluna – Chairperson
Dr Jonathan Galea – Deputy Chairperson
Dr Joseph F Borg
Dr Christopher Agius

Yachting Services Business Section

Dr Alison Vassallo – Chairperson
Mr Niki Travers Tauss – Deputy Chairperson
Mr Matthew Gusman 
Ms Pauline Micallef
Mr Peter Fiorini Lowell 

Dr Anthony Galea
Mr Jonathan Vassallo
Ms Sarah Gauci Carlton