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Corporate Membership

The number of Corporate Representatives and the fee payable are based on the number of persons a company employs.

Admission Fee : €25.00

(An additional €25.00 will be charged per Additional Member.)

Company Details

Main representative

Other representatives

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Self Declaration

Have you ever, been questioned, investigated, or been subject to, legal action or sanctioned by a local or international govermental, professional or other regulatory body including financial and Police authorities and particularly in relation to persons known to be involved in terrorism, money laundering, corruption and/or arms/human trafficking.

Have you ever been charged or convicted of any criminal or commercial offence including an offence involving fraud or dishonesty or any other offence under whatsoever legislation relating to financial or commercial/company matters or removed from any fiduciary office or position of trust?

Are there any final judgements against you that you have not honoured?

Privacy Notice

I have read and understood the Privacy Notice

Table of Membership fees :

Size of Corporate Member in Number of Employees or Members Number of Corporate Representatives Rates (€)
Up to 25 1 256
26 to 50 2 512
51 to 100 3 769
101 to 250 4 1,025
251 to 1000 5 1,281
1001 upwards 6 1,537

Membership Rates For Additional Members :

Rates For Additional Members Rates (€)
1st Additional Representative 222
2nd Additional Representative 219
3rd Additional Representative 215
4th Additional Representative 212
5th Additional Representative 208
6th Additional Representative and over 205