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Types of Membership

The Malta Chamber offers several types of membership which are designed to best suit the needs of business persons in today’s ever changing economy.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is applicable to any company, partnership, and any form of association, foundation, business chamber, organisation or body of persons registered in Malta and engaged in commercial or industrial activity in or from Malta. A Corporate Member nominates its representatives as members of the Malta Chamber on the basis of the total number of persons employed by the Corporate Member at the time of application for membership. The number of votes a Corporate Member had depends on the number or representatives.

Corporate Members may increase their participation in the Malta Chamber by taking advantage of special rates. These rates have been devised to encourage more members from one Company to be involved in the day to day activities of the Malta Chamber.  
The Corporate Member pays the standard subscription based on the number of person it employs, however it can widen its participation at the Malta Chamber by proposing additional representatives. The rates decrease with each additional representative.

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Corporate Membership - Associations

The Malta Chamber believes that it is very important for SMEs to develop sector collaborative efforts to provide leadership and strength. The Malta Chamber is interested in enhancing its activities at the sectorial level, either through the formation of more business sections within its structure and/or by attracting associations to become affiliated.

Although membership of Associations falls under Corporate Membership, fees are calculated by the number of members within the Association, and not by the number of employees as stipulated in Corporate Membership.

As an affiliate of the Malta Chamber, the Association will enjoy a number of benefits, including representation and support from the largest employer organisation on the island, as well as the discounts available to members.  An important feature of such membership is that the Association, although a member, will remain independent of the Malta Chamber.

Joining the Malta Chamber provides members with instant access to one of the largest business networks available. The Chamber is the strongest, most active business association in the country.

Dedicated to our members' growth and prosperity, the Chamber can help Asscoiations connect you to leaders and legislators, and provide support and exposure. Discover the many advantages of belonging to our influential organisation.

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Individual Membership

Any person with business interests in Malta may become a member of the Malta Chamber. This type of membership is individual and non-transferable. Individual members have full voting rights. 

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International Membership

This membership is limited to persons who are active abroad, and will be required to pay full membership. Malta Chamber staff will guide international members on the economic, political and business situation in Malta. Useful leads and references to contacts will be given on demand.

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Associate Membership

Associate membership is ideal for persons under the age of 30 years, who may be junior partners in a firm.  Associate Members have no voting rights and are not eligible to be nominated for Council elections or for the election to any of the Executive Boards of the Economic Groups.  

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Community Members

Community Members have no voting rights and are not be eligible to be nominated for Council elections or for the election to any of the Executive Boards of the Economic Groups.  Community Members are required to pay the same one-time Admission fee and annual Subscription fee applicable to Individual Members.

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Life Members

Life Membership is available to members who have been affiliated with the Malta Chamber for an aggregate of 35 years.   Life Members have voting rights as Individual Members but are not be eligible to be nominated to Council elections or for elections for Economic Groups Executive Boards . 

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Membership fee for each is listed on the form.

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