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Getting accustomed to Brexit – a technical webinar

15th January 2021

Members were once again provided with the opportunity to get the right information, directly from source, on the subjects that matter to them – this time focusing on Brexit.

Numerous members, predominantly operating in importation, but not only, attended an information session organised by The Malta Chamber, titled ‘Getting accustomed to Brexit’. The online event was addressed by Customs officials who provided crucial information about the new reality of importation of goods to Malta from the UK, post-Brexit.

Andre Fenech, Head of Policy at the Malta Chamber, said that Brexit had affected the operation of several businesses, as the UK remains one of the main partner countries to Malta, while he welcomed guests to the event. Britain leaving the European Union meant that it officially became a third country, triggering a new regime under which the importation and exportation of goods needed to be operated.

Moderating the event, Mr Fenech said that The Malta Chamber was once again providing its members with the exclusive opportunity to ask the right questions to the right people, from the comfort of their own desks.

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Getting accustomed to Brexit – a technical webinar