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The future lies with technology

27th July 2022

“At The Malta Chamber of Commerce, we strongly believe that tech is key to the present and the future.”

Chris Vassallo Cesareo, The Malta Chamber Deputy President, delivered a speech during the Annual General Meeting in which he iterated the importance of tech for both present and future generations.

“The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry strongly believes in the role of Let me refresh your memories, it was The Malta Chamber in 2014 under the helm of President David Curmi that started lobbying for such an entity to be set up. Five years later, was finally set up and the main scope was to assist tech companies based in Malta in exporting their tech systems and solutions beyond Malta’s shores. Three years later, here we are, in The Malta Chamber’s main hall reconfirming the important role that has in helping the tech industry to grow,” said the Deputy President.


He continued by noting that The Malta Chamber of Commerce strongly believes that tech is key to the present and the future. “It is for this reason that we decided to partner with Government and in 2019 officially launch this s public-private partnership to promote and support investment in tech - the internationalisation of our tech industry and the uptake of digital technologies across all sectors of our economy,” he said.

“The digital economy is growing at a fast pace. The future lies with technology. Nowadays technology drives competitiveness, productivity, and innovation. The creative side of business is becoming increasingly more of a differentiator. The more sophisticated markets and technologies become, the more innovation driven we need to be. Markets are hungry for new ideas, for creative talent, for products and services that inspire and expand possibilities,” noted Chris Vassallo Cesareo.

He continued by saying that “Malta is well positioned to be an incubator for innovative tech ideas. The small size of the market can be an advantage in this sense. Another advantage is the high degree of diversification of our relatively small economy. This provides endless possibilities for product and service development. Whether it's tourism, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, media, telecoms, energy, health - the Maltese economy provides ample opportunities for highly diverse economic activities, all of which can be enhanced through creative digital solutions.”


The Deputy President concluded by saying that “ has 2 strong founders and partners – Government and The Malta Chamber. will continue to grow and benefit the tech community if the alliance is promoted for what it is – a strong public private partnership between Government and The Malta Chamber to help our tech industry to internationalize. The Malta Chamber has a proven track record of over 170 years representing commerce, enterprise and industry – this is a strength which supports . finding and linking business partners with whom our businesses can build synergies and continue to flourish. The Malta Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Management together with the Chamber representatives sitting on the Tech.MT Board (our CEO Dr Marthese Portelli, Francois Grech, Gordon Micallef and Roland Scerri) will continue giving their input and will work towards a forward vision for the tech industry.…..YES we can do this together!”, which was established in 2019 as a Public-Private Partnership between The Malta Chamber and the Maltese Government, aims at promoting Malta as a hub for innovation and technology.


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The future lies with technology