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The Malta Chamber highlights business concerns with Prime Minister Abela

8th April 2022

Maritime, good governance, education and other topics took centre stage

A delegation from The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, led by President Marisa Xuereb, met with Prime Minister Robert Abela as well as Ministers Miriam Dalli, Clyde Caruana and Silvio Schembri.

The Malta Chamber President started by congratulating Abela on the government’s electoral success. President Xuereb said that, “it has been a pleasure for The Malta Chamber to see Ministers with whom we have worked well in recent years reconfirmed and other Ministers to be given new portfolios which are of particular interest to business.”


Xuereb continued by saying that,“we feel that there has been a lot of thought in the choice of the new Cabinet, and efforts have been made to enable us to continue to build on the work that has already been done. We also appreciate that decisions have been taken, that may not have been easy, which have sent a significant message about the Government's commitment to renewal.”


During the meeting, President Xuereb highlighted several issues including those related to:

- Maritime
- Environment and local planning
- Education
- Good governance
- Employment and human capital
- International reputation

The Malta Chamber remains committed to even further collaboration with the Government and all relevant authorities and stakeholders.


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The Malta Chamber highlights business concerns with Prime Minister Abela