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The Malta Chamber welcomes the new round of vouchers

20th May 2021

Urges Government for constructive consultation on Recovery Plan

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry welcomes the announcement on the second round of €100 stimulus vouchers which will inject a much-needed impetus into the economy. The vouchers come at a very critical time for businesses, especially for those working in the tourism industry.

The Malta Chamber has taken an active role in helping put industry on a recovery path and shape a more competitive post-Covid Malta and has repeatedly insisted that vaccination is key in being travel-ready. The Chamber commends the Maltese authorities for the faster-than expected vaccination rollout. The Chamber also welcomes the decision taken by EU member states to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions on non-EU visitors and to let in fully vaccinated tourists.

While the new round of vouchers and the vaccination programme will contribute towards Malta’s recovery, the Malta Chamber stresses on the importance of a well-thought out EU National Plan for Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRP). The Malta Chamber urges Government to communicate and consult with social partners on the RRP and its specific details. The Malta Chamber is disappointed that the information received so far on the RRP has been very sparse and disjointed. It is also disappointing to note that Malta remains one of the very few EU Member States which has not yet submitted its RRP plan to the European Commission. The business community needs to be informed without further delay and engaged in a meaningful way on the actions and investments which will be covered through these funds.

The Malta Chamber remains committed to contribute to an open, constructive and timely dialogue.

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The Malta Chamber welcomes the new round of vouchers