26th May 2017

In its Pre-Electoral Proposals document the Malta Chamber made a number of suggestions designed to tackle the delays related to commercial cases.

Marie-Claire Grima - 25th May 2017

Nearly a year on from the Brexit referendum, even the staunchest and most determined Remain voters have had to face reality and adjust their expectations.

24th May 2017

The shareholders of Vodafone Malta and Melita Ltd have announced that the companies will be merging into one, operating under the Vodafone brand.

24th May 2017

The Malta Chamber warned that the country must avoid over-reliance on the property market as sustainability must remain key

24th May 2017

Businesses from various economic groups voiced their concern with the Malta Chamber that the proposed Lidl Distribution Center in Malta will cause an unfair playing field. Government announced last April that the project would receive assistance from Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks.

24th May 2017

Dr David Zahra has been appointed President of the Malta Business Bureau (MBB).


Do you think the new minimum wage agreement is a positive development?

Yes 63%
No 27%
Not Sure 9%

23rd May 2017

The Malta Chamber has called for businesses to be allowed to purchase their own energy from the existing available sources in order for them to be able to make considerable savings on their energy bills.

23rd May 2017

Malta needs a new transport strategy that incorporates a multimodal transportation infrastructure within a long-term vision for the country’s transport requirements.

22nd May 2017

The Malta Files episode has triggered a series of attacks on the integrity of the country’s fiscal structures and financial services industry. There has never been a time when the country needed to form a common and undivided front more than today.


21st May 2017 – Jo Caruana

Social entrepreneur Mark Weingard, primarily known for pop-up restaurant Aziamendi 100 and his recent acquisition of an 8.92 per cent shareholding in MIDI plc, talks about why he chose to invest in Malta, the island he now calls home.


20th May 2017 – Sarah Micallef

Want to find out what will be the stuff of foodie fantasies this year? Here’s the latest.

19th May 2017

Malta Chamber expresses concern on reported decision to reduce English lessons for Fourth Formers. Ministry says that allocated number of lessons to remain unchanged.

18th May 2017

The Malta Chamber called for the appointment of a dedicated Parliamentary Secretary for Research and Development as the sector requires the full and undivided attention of Government.

18th May 2017

A final master plan for Mriehel is at least two years away, confirmed Transport Malta CEO James Piscopo.