A Pragmatic Perspective towards a post-covid world

During a webinar held between EY Malta and the Institute of Financial Services, The Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb, weighed in on the main areas of focus to effectively plan for a post-pandemic world, with a specific focus on the Financial Services, Retail and Tourism industries.

“As Malta and most of the world have started the Covid-19 vaccination process, businesses need to continue focusing on the way forward. Focus should remain on elements that were given priority due to the pandemic. Upskilling, reskilling and good governance practices, especially within SMEs should all take centre-stage in a post-Covid scenario,” said The Chamber President.

The ‘Continuity Post-Pandemic: A Pragmatic Perspective’ webinar highlighted specific and concrete actions should be taken to manage and mitigate risks expected from the COVID-19 aftermath.

“As a Chamber of Commerce, we have always been forward-thinking, and proposed recommendations that were well received by both the Government and the Opposition. However, we still lack immediate action in terms of smart investment and a covid recovery fund,” noted Perit Xuereb.

The Chamber President also noted that an effective way-forward will be greatly influenced by the way resources are utilised. “As Malta’s foremost business representative body, The Malta Chamber has always been an advocate for an economy which is sensitive to climate change, with the aim of achieving a zero-carbon economy. This can only be achieved if we think outside the box in implementing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria to develop a competitive economy while offering an enhanced quality of life,” noted Xuereb.

Web-Series promoting Financial Literacy launched by Malta Business Bureau and HSBC Malta Foundation

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB), in collaboration with the HSBC Malta Foundation, is launching a mini web-series which seeks to increase levels of financial literacy in Malta. The production of this series, which will be released online in an episodic form throughout the month of April, is brought to life thanks to the INVEST+ project, which has delivered mentoring sessions and workshops on finance, accounting, savings, and investment since the end of 2019.

Speaking on behalf of the HSBC Malta Foundation, CEO Simon Vaughan Johnson stated that “The HSBC Malta Foundation has supported MBB, and other organisations committed to improving financial literacy for many years. In these challenging times, understanding how to manage your money has become even more critical and I would encourage anyone who wants to explore how they can better secure their own financial position, or that of their business, to tune-in and follow this excellent new web-series.”

In his address, MBB President Simon De Cesare said: “Bringing together the EU vision and the interests of the Maltese business community remains the ultimate goal of the Malta Business Bureau. In the context of economic uncertainty, digital financial education is believed to be the key to ensuring that individuals truly understand the impact of their financial decisions, therefore paving the way for an inclusive and sustainable recovery on a national, regional and global scale.”

According to Project Manager Marija Elena Borg, “Producing the INVEST+ web-series is not simply intended to be an action in response to COVID-19. It is rather an opportunity to mirror a new reality, which relies heavily on constant learning and digital technologies”. Ms Borg emphasised that what is often referred to as the ‘Future of Work’ has become a present day reality and is expected to stay. As a result, she has encouraged people who are in search of new professional opportunities in these turbulent times to tune in with this web-series to deepen their knowledge of key financial concepts that are most relevant to the entrepreneurial world.

The virtual launch event was also addressed by HSBC Head of HR & Corporate Sustainability, Caroline Buhagiar Klass and MBB CEO, Joe Tanti, who thanked both the project management team and the INVEST+ mentors for their dedication and commitment.

Interested individuals are encouraged to follow this page for updates on the web-series. For more information on INVEST+, please contact Project Manager Marija Elena Borg on mborg@mbb.org.mt or +356 21251719.

The INVEST+ Project is run by the Malta Business Bureau in collaboration with the HSBC Malta Foundation.

Building Futures – The Malta Chamber and AP Valletta sign agreement to work towards a sustainable building sector

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has signed a Cooperation Agreement with architecture and design firm AP Valletta to co-operate actively and explore common projects on the future of the built and unbuilt environment in Malta.

‘Building Futures’ will focus on typologies of space representative of the challenges Malta faces from a cultural, economic, social and environmental point of view, taking a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together designers, data analysts, economists and others in a collective effort to re-imagine the current systems. It will combine AP Valletta’s knowledge and experience in research and design projects, with The Malta Chamber’s commitment to develop a tangible vision for sustainable economic growth.

“Through this signing, The Malta Chamber is strengthening its resources in collaborating with key partners which are working towards a more sustainable future by identifying tangible solutions to the climate change emergency,” noted The Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb, ahead of the signing.

“This cooperation agreement introduces ‘Building Futures’, a collaborative research project between The Malta Chamber and AP Valletta which will explore how design, together with research, education and economic measures, can shape the future of the built and unbuilt environment in Malta,” explained Perit Xuereb.

“The ‘Building Futures’ project will incorporate a detailed analysis of the current scenario to determine the factors that led to the building crisis while researching prospective efforts that will define the future of this sector through the identification of alternative development models,” continued The Chamber President.

“The current health crisis and the climate emergency before that, are on the one hand offering an unprecedented opportunity for change and on the other hand revealing the fragility of our urban environment”, says AP Valletta’s Executive Director David Felice. “Our intention is to create a research platform through which initiatives on tangible case studies will influence public policy and actions, and therefore create lasting change.”

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Perit David Xuereb and Ms Marisa Xuereb as President and Deputy President of The Malta Chamber, respectively, and Perit David Felice, Executive Director at AP Valletta.

The Malta Chamber releases recommendations for culture of workplace resilience during COVID-19

The Malta Chamber’s Health & Wellness Committee has released a policy document tackling the new ways in which COVID-19 has contributed to stress at the workplace, by offering best practices and policy recommendations to both employers and government alike. These policy instruments were drawn from two events organised by the committee late last year, in which business leaders and government came together to discuss numerous challenges brought about by the pandemic as well as their solutions.

While remote working has offered certain advantages, it has also had an impact on work culture. Therefore, the document, titled “Recommendations to Employers and Government to build a Culture of Wellness & Resilience during COVID with Employees”, aims to address problems such as the impact which remote working has had on team cohesion, and the importance of new digital tools to address the resulting gaps. Potential issues such as increased risks to mental health must also be anticipated.

The ‘Re-engineering and Transforming’, resulting from collaboration by The Malta Chamber and government, is held up as an ideal example as to how policy makers may assist businesses to adapt, through incentivizing digital transformation. Furthermore, government is encouraged to provide closer lines of communication with business, to provide the information needed to adapt to continued pressures on operations.

The Malta Chamber’s Health & Wellness committee continues to work on a number of initiatives with the objective of developing policy instruments which address the needs of today’s workforce. Mental health, stress and various other factors must be given their due importance in everyone’s interest. The policy document, “Recommendations to Employers and Government to build a Culture of Wellness & Resilience during COVID with Employees”, is freely available on The Malta Chamber’s website. The committee is chaired by Mrs. Catherine Calleja, Director & Group Company Secretary at Atlas Insurance.

The Malta Chamber and JAYE team up to shape Malta’s future

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with JAYE Malta Foundation with the aim of promoting an entrepreneurial culture amongst the young, the leaders of tomorrow.

Ahead of the signing, President Perit David Xuereb noted that the MOU underlined the values of the two organisations in terms of promoting an entrepreneurial culture among the young, and providing the necessary support to all businesses.

“As Malta’s leading business representative body, The Malta Chamber’s intent was always to support, represent and connect businesses to continuously grow and engage in shaping Malta’s future. This goes very much in line with JAYE’s purpose which aims at inspiring and educating young people through practical business projects which develop attitudes and skills for professional success, life-long learning and employability,” noted President Xuereb.

“This signing perfectly compliments The Malta Chamber’s vision that young people are essential in the development of a sustainable future for Malta’s economy and should therefore be introduced to an entrepreneurial culture from a young age. To this extent, through the various services and events organised, The Malta Chamber is the ideal platform for these young and aspiring individuals to truly experience the world of commerce and business in its true form,” explained Xuereb.

Ms Fiona Captur, CEO of JAYE Malta said, “The Malta Chamber and JAYE Malta Foundation have long been aligned in their joint collaboration. Our mutual focus on developing resilient and relevant human capital brings synergies to our mission to the benefit of our students who are ultimately tomorrow’s Young Chamber Network (YCN) members.”

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Perit David Xuereb and Ms Marisa Xuereb as President and Deputy President of The Malta Chamber, respectively, who were accompanied by Board of Management Members Mr Chris Vassallo Cesareo, and Mr Karl Briffa and Ms Fiona Captur as Chairman and CEO of JAYE Malta Foundation, respectively.

Klikk and The Malta Chamber strengthen ties

Klikk has renewed its Bronze Partnership Support Agreement with The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry for the second consecutive year. The Malta Chamber is honoured with the trust Klikk is placing once again in the Chamber of Commerce through this agreement and looks forward to continue building on the strong relationship the parties enjoy.

Ahead of the signing, The Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb noted how this signing follows in line with the main principles that were outlined in The Malta Chamber’s Economic Vision 2020-2025 document. “As Malta’s leading business representative body, our strive in promoting enterprise growth has always been relentless. To this end, as a Chamber of Commerce, we truly acknowledge the importance of investing smartly in innovation and technology,” noted The Chamber President.

“To this end, Klikk have been vital in aiding The Malta Chamber throughout the digitalisation process. Moreover, Klikk’s vast knowledge and experience in the technology and innovation sphere will be paramount within The Malta Chamber’s Digital Transformation Committee,” explained Perit Xuereb.

Klikk CEO Kevin Rapinett said, “Klikk, a leading technology shop in Malta and an authorised partner to major brands, is proud to be once again supporting the Malta Chamber to further expedite the Chamber’s digitialisation journey through multi-dimensional support.” Mr Rapinett also congratulated Mr Xuereb on his outstanding contribution to the business community amidst challenging times in his term as President.

The Bronze Partnership Support Agreement was signed by Malta Chamber President Perit David Xuereb and Deputy President Ms Marisa Xuereb with Chief Executive Officer Mr Kevin J Rapinett, representing Klikk Ltd.

President, Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition To Address The Malta Chamber's Annual General Meeting 2021

President of Malta Dr George Vella, The Prime Minister of Malta Dr Robert Abela and Leader of the Opposition, Dr Bernard Grech will address members of The Malta Chamber during this year’s AGM which is set to take place on Wednesday, the 24th of March.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held completely online, and members will be able to follow the proceedings and ask questions from the comfort of their own offices.

Furthermore, with a record number of women participating in this year’s elections, the 2021 AGM will prove to be yet another significant milestone in the organisation’s history.

All members are encouraged to be present and to be part of this landmark event.

The event is open exclusively to members of The Malta Chamber.

Are you a member of The Malta Chamber? There has never been a better time to join Malta’s foremost business representative body! Make sure your voice is heard at this challenging time. Send an email to stefan.bajada@maltachamber.org.mt, to ascertain effective representation at this time.

Let’s not allow this great sacrifice to be prejudiced

The further measures announced tonight, though necessary, will certainly take a toll on Malta’s already suffering business community. These restrictions must be mitigated. The Malta Chamber, as it has always done, shall be constructive in its support to the country’s authorities in this regard.

Let’s not allow this great sacrifice to be prejudiced. While the vaccination efforts proceed, lets’ all come together and pull the same rope, in order for the country to come out of this dark patch with the least damage possible.

Once again, The Malta Chamber calls on all its members and the members of the country’s business community to heighten their vigilance at this time. All sanitary and social distancing protocols ought to be observed diligently, while remote working should be encouraged in all cases where this is possible.

Digital transformation at the core of signing between The Chamber and BMIT Technologies

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has signed a Bronze Collaboration Agreement with BMIT Technologies plc. The agreement will pair BMIT Technologies with The Malta Chamber’s Digital Transformation Committee which will provide awareness to the business community in areas related to data economy, cyber security and digital skills amongst others.

“As a Chamber of Commerce, we fully promote the need for smart investment in digitalisation, innovation and research in support of the business community at large. Through this signing, The Malta Chamber is once again strengthening its resources by collaborating with national business champions such as BMIT Technologies to be more effective to the needs of the country more than ever before. We are eager to support our membership with the inevitable ‘techceleration’ in a robust and resilient manner” noted The Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb.

Ing. Christian Sammut, BMIT Technologies CEO, said “We are excited to be partnering with The Malta Chamber and support the digital transformation initiative being launched. We look forward to contribute our expertise and resources through steering the Digital Transformation committee and play a leading role in rendering Malta a better place to do business and in so doing generating better lives for its people. Our vision of harnessing technology to power businesses fits perfectly in this initiative”.

Through this signing, BMIT Technologies plc will be supporting the Digital Transformation Committee to raise awareness among companies of disruptive technologies. Moreover, this collaboration will allow our Digital Transformation committee to formulate policy positions for a sustainable economic future that is transforming our economy in a rapid manner.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Perit David Xuereb and Ms Marisa Xuereb as President and Deputy President of The Malta Chamber, respectively, and Ing. Christian Sammut, CEO at BMIT Technologies plc.