aims to position Malta as a quality, creative, tech-savvy country, and promote Malta as a suitable set-up for foreign direct investment, whilst also promoting the local technological industries abroad. shall be instrumental in taking the Technology industry to the next level, as it will seek to make the world notice the huge potential the technology sector in Malta has to offer as it boasts on the economic performance and financial stability of the island. We acknowledge that data is the new oil, wants to be part of the IOT evolution and be on the forefront of the global digital revolution that we are experiencing.

To encourage human resources and aid growth in the Technology, plans to partner with Education Institutions to position Malta as a vibrant location for tech talent and in turn attract human capital to our shores. Furthermore, is working closely with academic institutions to better understand how the local STEM and IT curricula can be made more attractive to be chosen as the basis for a career in technology. We also need to consider new areas of specialisation revolving around digital & creative technology. is also focusing its energies on engaging the youth community. Youths are major stakeholders who are constantly using digital technology thus, encouraging youth participation in the transformation of the digital economy is crucial.