GIVE Project

Funding ProgrammeErasmus+

Scope: To contribute to the innovation in VET sector for the social inclusion of individuals belonging to disadvantaged groups, with particular reference to learners with a migration background, disabilities, low skills, a drop-out history, educational special needs, foster children, social & economical disadvantages, disruptive behaviour.


  • Implement & promote governance models for the management & development of VET centers & agencies.
  • Implement & promote at an international level educational approaches & tools specifically aimed at the social inclusion of disadvantaged learners.
  • Implement & promote models for the design & implementation of effective training-work transition activities

Partners Involved:

  • GiGroup
  • Lantegi Batuak
  • San Viator
  • University of Bucharest
  • HAMK

The Malta Chamber Role: Partner

Value to Members: Knowledge sharing through workshops, resources and best practices for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups at the place of work.

Pillar: Human Capital

Project WebsiteThe GIVE Project: Governance for Inclusive Vocational Excellence

Timeline: Ongoing